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Saint Thomas More was martyred during the Protestant Reformation for standing firm in the Faith and not recognizing the King of England as the Supreme Head of the Church.
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Sep 27th 2013 new
Im going out as Whitey this Halloween.
Oct 1st 2013 new
Whiteys belongings are for sale.All except his guns.Time to get your Christmas Shopping early.
Oct 7th 2013 new
The Whitey costume is hot this year.
Oct 8th 2013 new
(quote) Brian-252799 said: The Whitey costume is hot this year.
Get 'em while they're hot:
Oct 23rd 2013 new
New Whitey Halloween Costume.
Nov 7th 2013 new
Next week Whitey is to be sentenced.All the victims families will be there.Also Howie Carrs new book Ratman will be out. Poor Whitey.His holidays wont be bright.
Nov 9th 2013 new
A Good Farewell Song For Whitey.He will be sentenced Nov 13
Nov 10th 2013 new
The families of Whiteys victims will be at his sentencing.All are expected to speak up.Howie Carr said the whole thing could perhaps take a week.
Nov 13th 2013 new
Someone yelled HAPPY RETIREMENT to Whitey this morning.
Nov 13th 2013 new
Well.....if he gets "double-life" and one-half.....he could die twice and still have to come back
and do 7 more years!!!! laughing laughing eyepopping
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