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Saint Thomas More was martyred during the Protestant Reformation for standing firm in the Faith and not recognizing the King of England as the Supreme Head of the Church.
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Jan 11th 2014 new
Whitey and Catherine exchange Love Letters.
Jan 11th 2014 new
Dedicated to Catherine and Whitey
Jan 19th 2014 new
New Whitey Film
Jan 19th 2014 new
Coming to a theatre near you. Johnny Depp is rumored to play Whitey in the film about his life.
Jan 21st 2014 new
Song Whitey must be singing.
Jan 23rd 2014 new
Dedicated To Whitey
Feb 4th 2014 new
Whitey is truly on the move gangster
Give me a moment as a point Ill prove shocked
For a man his age he gets around clap
Im afraid hes everywhere but homewood bound hissyfit
No more Southie,where did the goodtimes go? scratchchin
Enough to make anybody feel real low sad sorry
So,on his travels the Whiteman is on his way wave
When your bad thats the price you must pay. mischievous
Mar 2nd 2014 new
Whiteys new films are on there way gangster
Thats the price the Whiteman must pay hissyfit
Howie Carr is selling Ratman and collecting the cash$$$$$$$$$$$$$ clap thumbsup
If Whitey were free he could do something rash gangster duck
Johmmy Depp is so far the pick clap
Matt Damon could perhaps do the trick thumbsup
So,the films will be coming to a theatre near you clap
Everyone but Whitey will get Oscars before this is all through biggrin ::
Mar 7th 2014 new
Whitey gets a taxpayer lawyer.
Cast Iron Nerve rolling eyes
Mar 11th 2014 new
Howie Carr at Sold Out Whitey Show
Whitey sad weeping
Howie $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ biggrin smile clap thumbsup
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