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Aug 12th 2013 new
Anne I agree with you. It is all about praying for the right partner and God will shorten the distance. So I also believe LDR can work.
Aug 13th 2013 new
(quote) Nicholas-919470 said: Well. long distance relationships can work. Different time zones usually require sacrifice of sleep for someone, so that always needs to be appreciated. Eventually, the time comes where you actually must spend time with each other, which can be a real deal breaker. I've never had that issue but I have heard stories. From my experience, parting after the first meeting is the most difficult. Phone calls, skype (Or oovoo, or whatever you do), and emails/messages are important, but sometimes it can be overwhelming.
Can I just say that these are my exact same sentiments... biggrin

I guess it always has to boil down to If one is committed to the relationship, it will work. If one isn't, then it won't. ;) Praying
Aug 29th 2013 new
Although I never experienced it I believe they're very hard for one a lot of traveling. For me I'd rather stick with someone few miles from my location. two cents
Aug 29th 2013 new
My family is spread all across the US. At one point my son was in DC and my daughter in Texas. I felt so far away at times. Then my daughter said to me, "How long from the time you leave your house 'til you are at Love Field?" I responded 4-5 hours. Suddenly, it seemed so much easier to handle the distance. And I really think of things that way with an LDR. Tickets go on sale, you plan ahead, and make it happen. And there is nothing wrong with a weekend mid-way.... We have met in St. Louis at the airport taken the Metro to Forest Park and enjoyed a great time ! Just saying anything s possible .....
Aug 29th 2013 new
I have a long distance relationship happening-Australia/U.S.
Constant messaging,chatting and Skyping keep us connected and I think that is the key-being constant.We are trying to get into a good routine to handle the time zone,as we are both lacking sleep,it is just so difficult to end
a chat session.....sometimes we have chatted up to five hours!
We exchanged postcards and it was such a nice feeling to hold in our hands something the other had held and seen with their own eyes .
All going to plan, he is coming to visit in September :) It will be great to finally meet.Yet there is a sense of contentment knowing the feelings are mutual and all is happening in God's good time. scratchchin
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