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Jun 16th 2013 new
It's funny - I used to think looks were very important and yet the last guy I fell in love with looked a lot like Drew Carey or Dilbert. laughing laughing . I guess if you look at someone with your heart instead of your eyes, you might find what your looking for.
Jun 16th 2013 new

You mention LOOKS....LOOKS...LOOKS....LOOKS !!!!!!!

Well of course !!!!!

I want to ""LOOK"" into her heart !!!!!!
I want to ""LOOK"" into her eyes !!!
I want to ""LOOK"" to see her Spirit Shine !!
I want to ""LOOK"" at her genuine warm smile !!!
I want to ""LOOK"" at her warm glow when we're together !!
I want to ""LOOK at her as Jesus ""LOOKS"" at her.

YES..!!! ""LOOKS"" are extremely important....
It depends on ""HOW"" we are ""LOOKING"",,,,,
and what is our criteria !!!
Jun 16th 2013 new
To me looks are not emportant. It's what they have to share with you in there heart.
Jun 17th 2013 new
(quote) Naomi-825244 said: Awesome responses!

Looks are important in my opinion, and what looks good is different for everyone. Can't tell you how many times growing up my mom would say to us "look kids! Here comes that handsome man!" and we'd look around going "what? Where?" And a big, bearded, chubby balding guy would emerge from the crowd, "You mean DADDY???!!! Are you serious???"

That being said, the more I get to know a guy, my attraction to him changes. As I like him more and more his looks get better and better. As I like him attraction to him wanes and he joins the band of the "looks good but won't wear well."

To me, height is more of an issue. I find it easier to look up to guys who are taller than me.
pun intended.

Looks, I mean - I happen to appreciate a lot of looks - country, rockstar, urban swag, full head of hair, no hair, few hairs, skinny, athletic, "fluffy", academic "nerds", preppy, laid back, White, Chocolate, Habibis, Latino, Asian, Other,tatts, no tatts, etc etc

As long as they have good hygiene and grooming

I'm not that tall either, I'd like them taller too.

Ultimately though - he'll look "hot" in my eyes because of his love for God.
Jun 17th 2013 new
wink Sincerity + Spiritual Depth + Kindness + Conviction + Sense of Humor + Open Heart = VERY attractive!

Personality/Active Mind/Body/Spirit can trump looks any day-and attraction can be sparked up to a whole notha' level!
Jun 17th 2013 new
I think I'd be a hypocrite to worry too much about it.
Jun 17th 2013 new
I prefer women that are a little ahead of me on looks. . . .
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