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Jun 11th 2013 new
(quote) Ray-914631 said: Its a balance between population growth and sustainability. A large economy like that of the USA can absorb more workers. As such it can provide opportunities for people that may not find opportunities within their own countries. However, now that the USA economy is no longer a growth economy, there are not as many job opportunities. This poses problems for both the worker and the economic system. The coming decades will be very interesting as to whether population growth slows, or continues to expand, as global economic growth levels off. It is unlikely that the USA can sustain 1+ billion people.
From an economic standpoint, China seems to be doing a good job in balancing growth. Preventing their population from reaching 3 billion people, as it would have, averted economic disaster.

The Sahel region of Africa faces different problems. Access to improved healthcare has lowered crude death rates, but certain regions now faces big sustainability issues in the face of their rapidly expanding population growth.
But why is America's economy doing so poorly Ray? We saw this before in history. Remember the roaring 20's description? The economy was BOOMING. Monitary and fiscal policies employed by progressives ruined the economy! The Great Depression here was nowhere near that bad elsewhere. It is the lack of adherence to natural law that is at the root of problems everywhere. The ideology Mary warned us about at Fatima, communism, that has driven God out of everything!

The parable of the tallons showed people making profits and being rewarded. The one who did not work was scorned. We are given different gifts by God to use in building His kingdom. The people in control of the monitary and fiscal policies foday , and much of the last century, are manipulating things to hoard everything they can for themselves. Their kingdom is here on earth not in heaven.

No fear on the population. With abortion everywhere the population of the world is going to tank in the next few decades! There are 30,000 men in China with NO women to marry. I don't remember the exact name, the Center for population something or another, has predicted white slavory will rise. Don'r forget the end does not justify the means. China might look good, but what do the hidden facts say? How can a liar be trusted? There is so much being lied about we have no idea how bad things are anywhere. Washington D.C. included.

The only way out is to once again trust in God. Working n His Will we will prosper and the abundance he provides, see the multiplication of the loaves parables, are mean to be shared. God is God of life. Most today worship death, abortion. They are bound to fail.
Jun 11th 2013 new
(quote) John-324285 said: I'll agree to disagree with you on this one Clair, as if the Berlin Wall was communism why is Putin in power and acting just like prior communistic dictators of that state? (putting down those who oppose him, ex-kgb, ect) Why are all the former soviet blocks still basically under the authority of Putin and many have puppet leaders? Why has communism spread, even unto our own country? Because we are not observing the First Saturday devotion is your belief correct?

"On March 25, 1984, the feast of the Annunciation, Pope John Paul II consecrated Russia in a public ceremony. It needs to be mentioned, however, that Russia was never specifically mentioned in the consecration prayer but the consecration was in the form of a 'whole world consecration'. Cardinal Bertone has reported to the press many times that the message of Fatima is finished, yet the Pope in 2010 announced that we are mistaken if we think the prophecies of Fatima have been fulfilled." -wikipedia

How can a consecration be done if it did not specifically mention Russia, as the one you specifically said did the proper consecration failed to do?

Pope John Paul II, "united with all the pastors of the Church in a particular bond whereby we constitute a body and a college," consecrates "the whole world, especially the peoples for which by reason of their situation you have particular love and solicitude."

To my simple mind it seems that socialism, communism, and all the other "ism's" would not still be spreading, infecting, and destroying mankind 30 years after the "consecration" took place. Would not the devil have us think something is done that Heaven wants accomplished? Wouldn't the great deceiver be working hard to make us believe it has happened, or do you think I'm overestimating satans power and reach when he is the prince of this world?!

I guess only time will tell if this has really indeed been accomplished according to Our Lady's request.
I'm worried you cite Wikopedia for facts. No academic body accepts it. We can dissahree no problem. The fact remains the devil is still on the march. We need to continue to employ the weapons Mary told us are most effective; offer our sufferings, communion, rosaries, for reparation due to sin. BTW all of these are included in the First Saturday Devotion.
Jun 11th 2013 new
Why is America doing so poorly?
Economic growth in the USA is slower now than that of 19th or 20th centuries. We will never see that type of growth again. More people are dependent on government and social services than in past centuries. Corporations unconsciously made the decision to globalize industry, and in doing so, weakened the domestic economic structure. Due to these changes, domestic policies must also change to meet this new landscape. The concept that domestic markets require a steady influx of labor and or population growth is an antiquated one, and must be tossed out. While industry may benefit from the large labor pools, it does not benefit government social programs, nor salaries, both of which hurt the taxpayer.

For instance, if population increases by 30 million people, it is unlikely that 10, 20, or 30 million new quality jobs will also be created. This results in greater reliance by individuals on government assistance. That is the reality. It has little to do with democrats, republicans, or teabags. a 100,000 million influx of people is a disaster. Countries that cant come to grips with it will meet disaster.
We can talk about Arab spring and democratization of Egypt. But Egypt has 70 million people which will be 150 million people by the middle of this century. If everyone in this fledgling democracy expects to live like upper middle class citizens, its going to require a huge increase in international investment & in GNP.
Population increase will be the single most destabilizing factor toward domestic economies. Countries that don't come to terms with it will be crippled.

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