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Jun 17th 2013 new
Well, I honestly took a while to figure out the online etiquite, and I do now. However, this has bitten me in the back a couple of times when I tell someone "thank you for the compliment and your kindness, but I am not interested in a relationship right now" and then they say "why? Why not?"

Also...and it's kind of embarrassing :blush: ...but sometimes one slips through the cracks. It wasn't that I'm not interested! It's just that...well...uh...I've got a couple of faults. wink
Jun 18th 2013 new
(quote) Claudia-977635 said: My personal view is that anyone who only has the thought/creativity/inclination/energy to send me an emotigram is not the type of person that I would develop a relationship with. If they are unwilling to make an effort at a little more communication, it shows to me that they are unwilling to make an effort at a relationship. Im new at Catholic Match, and I have yet to receive a message that is more than a hello or an emotigram. Responding with, thanks but no thanks, would require more effort on my part than the feeble effort they made in contacting me!
Claudia, thank you for your perspective. I usually start by answering an interview or liking photos. If she even looks at my profile, I typically follow up with an emotigram or message. Messages do not come easily to me, so I do not want to spend time writing them to women who are unlikely to be interested.
Jun 20th 2013 new
Only once I did not respond: His approach was rude....and unfortunately his photo kind of matched it.

It's funny, when I read this post my first thought was "maybe I'll see pics of people that haven't replied...I can learn why they didn't..." I found just one, now I know faint laughing wave
Jun 20th 2013 new
The interesting thing to note about this question, if rgwew was a wedding for every time it was asked and a child born for every reason given there would only be five people on CM to respond and the world might truely be over populated! shocked
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