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Jun 16th 2013 new
Since today is Father's Day, I just want to wish every father on CM a Happy Father's Day. To all of us whose father's are no longer here with us, let us remember all the good they have done for us while we had them with us. Happy Father's Day Dad I will always remember and love you.
Jun 16th 2013 new
Happy Father's Day to all those father's out there and uncles as well who provide that adult role model for their nieces and nephews. I loved my father, but my uncle was more my dad than my dad to me and I miss him every day! He was the best. Years ago, he caught my arm as I was going onto the elevator at the hospital where we both worked and said, "Runt, you're a class act and never let anyone tell you otherwise."

Every kid deserves that kind of Father, whether their actual father, their adoptive father or their uncle or even a good coach or friend. Kids deserve that! And, I am so very grateful for the older men in my life who filled that role with humor and laughter, grace and protection.
Jun 16th 2013 new
Happy Fathers's Day to all you good men on CM.

My deceased father, and father in -law and, my God father.
Thank you all Priests that are our fathers to our parishes, and our Deacons.
Especially my parish Priest Fr. Frank.
Thank you for the Priests that serve in hospitals, missions,Hospice, ,

May God Bless all you and thank you sooo much,

Jun 16th 2013 new
(quote) Beverly-649723 said: Thank you Jerry, and EVERYONE, for sharing the memories and love of your fathers. It is so heart-warming to hear how each one has been touched by God's love through an earthly father. Happy Father's Day to all of you!

I feel so blessed every day to still have my father (and mother!) at age 92. Although he feels imprisoned by his leg paralysis and near blindness, he continues to amaze me with his intelligence and social concern. He looks forward to each new day, eagerly anticipating whatever "new knowledge" may be revealed to him. He still likes to tinker with things, and troubleshoots problems for hours--even with his disabilities. If the air conditioner isn't functioning properly, he will take it apart, and use BOTH the magnifier eyeglasses AND a hand-held magnifying glass to look over parts. He masters common obstacles--how to move the transfer bench from his bedside to the bathtub, or how to arrange his bills so that he's sure they are paid on time. He perseveres at everything he tries, no matter how long it takes. He still scrutinizes my mother daily, noting if she appears tired or ill, and offers to get her a cup of coffee...

My father was never a man to use tender words or give hugs as we girls were growing up. In fact, he is still a very private man, raised in a strict home where PDA was NEVER allowed. I never saw my parents exchange a kiss until their 25th wedding anniversary--as Mama stepped off a train back from visiting her sister in New York. He had red roses for her...Before going to bed at night, my sister and I would go and give him a kiss on the cheek, and he'd smile and tell us to remember to say our prayers...

Yet, I remember his love in other ways -- as a little girl how he would hold my hand at the Navy Surplus Yards while he was looking for treasures; he'd take me to the zoo and put me on his shoulders so I could see the albino aligator(and ALWAYS bought the stinky little fish to feed the seals!); he'd stop for me to go potty and would try his best to line the seat with paper first--using TONS more than Mama ever did; he'd carry me upstairs as I drifted in and out of sleep after our outings, and then, when he knew no one else would be around, he'd gently kiss my cheek or forehead....the gruff, strong man DID have a loving way with his baby girl . He was the one who shared his love of the stars with me, taking me out to watch Sputnik, Haley's Comet, and countless meteor showers. He taught me to wonder and appreciate everything in nature, and the cycles of the earth and seasons. He showed me how to love and understand animal behaviors. He helped me listen to the music made by insects, storms, and sea. He taught me how to skip a stone across a pond, how to spin pebbles from my fingers so they would "buzz", and how to cast out a fishing line!

When the father of my children was near death, my father cradled me in his arms and held me. He wept with me, and told me how much he wished he could take away the pain and make everything right again. He called me "Baby", and told me that he would take care of me and the girls. And he did, for several years, until I was able to be back up on my own again. When my parents celebrated their 60th anniversary, he looked around at all of the kids/grandkids/and great-grands, and shook his head, amazed at what he and Mama had created. He apologized to all of us, saying that there were some things he should have done differently now in hindsight, but he hoped that we all realized that he just tried to live his life by the Golden Rule, and that he really couldn't ask for more. Throughout the years, my father has maintained that he is an atheist, and my dear Mama has carried the burden of our family's faith instruction all that time. She has never given up praying for him. He nearly died a year ago, but he clawed his way back to life, and now has expressed his possible belief that there COULD be a Divine Creator....Perhaps his faith journey is nearing its destination...

I am SO BLESSED to have him as my Daddy, and to reflect the love he has for me.

Beverly, Such a wonderful story of your father and his love for you and you mother. Though he might maintain otherwise...your father is "performing" at least many Christian acts. So it is not surprising he is "coming around" I know you are close to him....and should be, just keep up the good Faith. We will pray for him~
Jun 16th 2013 new
Thank you....Mary, Maria, Lauren and Patricia!
Jun 16th 2013 new
I have said this before...but Father's Day is a good time to repeat it: I once asked my Dad what it was like to raise seven children. I said, "I am in total awe over your accomplishments" He shrugged it off saying, "You know Jer, I not ever going to say it was easy. The fact is, it was down right TOUGH at times. But I wouldn't trade for any of you. You kids mean the world to me" (this was after my Mom passed away)
Jun 16th 2013 new
Happy Fathers Day to all of your wonderful CM dads and to the spiritual Fathers also. God bless you and I hope your day was special!
For my own father who has passed away, you are in my thoughts and prayers always and thank you dad for everything- I love you!
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