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Jun 18th 2013 new
(quote) Laura-857740 said: Ok ...all kidding aside. I joined match this past weekend and in two days I am corresponding with 15 men, all Christians and Catholics, all professionals with college degrees. I have two dates set up already. Just meet to see if there is a connection. All live within 15 to 20 minutes from me. There have been others that I have not answered yet as well. It makes me wonder if match clients are more outgoing and not afraid to get out there and date or what?! Not sure. One year on catholic match and not even the prospect of one date. Anybody else have this experience?

We're in completely different age groups but match-round-#1 18 months ago was an expensive "quiet" six months with an an occasional *wink* or questionable email. I re-upped for another six months and cancelled myself after almost four months of round-#2. I joined CM this spring and was pleasantly dates but a goodly amount of pleasant, decent typed contacts and conversations. Re-joined match, too, about four weeks ago and the moon must have been full as the 'crowd' there is less quiet this year!! Maybe they noticed I was gone and missed me!! tongue laughing angel

The Forums on CM are a fun place to hang out as technically I shouldn't even be 'out here' since I'm only In Process right now! Yes, plenty of Christians and Catholics on match. Plenty of creepy liars, too! Caveat emptor! I won't be re-upping match again but CM I will.

Jun 18th 2013 new
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Jun 22nd 2013 new
You are so very funny, Sorry I took your first posting too serious, I did not know you a funny man... I bet now you get a lot of Messages... You keep me laughing
Jun 23rd 2013 new
(quote) Kenny-949632 said: Are all of you having the same problem as me ?

I just officially joined the site last Friday and I've
already had 658 total views. I've had 596 women
take my interview and I've received 613 messages.

To be fair, I know that i'm irresistible and adorable. I have been
irresistible and adorable since as long as I can remember.

Many people actually call me Mr. Adorable.
I'm trying to answer as many messages as possible. My fingers
hurt from typing after a while and my eyes start to go blurry after reading for hours and hours the messages.

There is a woman from Wisconsin that wants to bake me a meatloaf with mashed potatoes, salad and biscuits. Another woman from Arizona wants to make me Pepper Steak with gravy and rice..Boy oh Boy those sound fabulous...

Here is a list of some of my favorite foods if you wish to make them for me. I'd be flattered.
Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, corn, gravy, biscuits
Lasagna with Garlic bread
Spaghetti with Garlic bread
Pepper Steak, rice and gravy
Fried chicken breast with mashed potatoes, gravy and salad.
Turkey Breast baked with baked potatoes and sour cream and onions.

I'm thinking about hiring an assistant part-time to help me answer all these messages.

How do you handle all the messages that you receive ????

Mr. Adorable...
after your tummy is full, you'll have to go out to the barn to start on your woodworking project.

Get out the Cedar wood Kenny and start sawing!! I love anything made from cedar. :)))
Jun 23rd 2013 new
(quote) Connie-17641 said: after your tummy is full, you'll have to go out to the barn to start on your woodworking project.

Get out the Cedar wood Kenny and start sawing!! I love anything made from cedar. :)))
here's an idea, build me a log home in a cedar wood forest. U can get catering from CM, all your favorites are listed so everynight will be one delicious meal after the other laughing Campout in Connie's Cedar Home Event coming up....stay tuned biggrin laughing wave
Jun 23rd 2013 new
(quote) Kenny-949632 said: I hoped some of you laughed a bit and smiled
for maybe a few moments. Life sure can drain us at times
and yet God says to be loyal to Him and to His Church..

We do this by tending to His Sheep (which are our Sheep too)
and by ministering. Sometimes just getting someone to smile
and laugh a bit opens the door to communication and a
possible chance to minister a bit....
Just a thought...

Now, I only needs $45 more dollars and I can have my electric
turned back on.
And I lost my cable Tv prescripion too. They said that i was
4 months behind in payments and that ain't true. It's been only 3 months since I paid.

No big deal the telivision I gots is practically broke anyway...If you and I hit it off
we can chip in and buy a radio together.... Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy !!!

Can you smell the love in the air

Mr. Adorable.
who needs electric when all the electricity comes from you!

a wood burning fireplace is more romantic anyway. If all your love comes from money, you ain't got love at all.
Jun 23rd 2013 new
i'm with Joanna! i need a small shelf put up if possible not as crooked as i'd do it, a road built, some more input on the proper dome-house kit (that hopefully i can build correctly with a little help), a review of what energy requirements will be necessary with Tumbleweed type houses, step by step directions on how to lube up my 5-speed clutch in my vehicle since something seems a little sticky, someone to barbeque to tenderness the venison rib-eye that i am only capable of grilling with onions and garlic (but not perfectly since i'm not a man although i can do the asperigas wrapped in aluminum foil and a little garlic-butter on the grill at the same time), oh yeah and someone to lead me in the rosary besides my Guardian Angel.
Jun 24th 2013 new
Kenny, Are you bragging or complaining? I most certainly did not contact you? Maryjane
Jun 24th 2013 new
(quote) Maryjane-408997 said: Kenny, Are you bragging or complaining? I most certainly did not contact you? Maryjane

Maryjane,,,,,,to be honest,,,I'm just not sure !!! Are you really sure that you didn't contact me last week ????
I thought that the Apple Pie that I received came from you.....Oh yea,,,I get it,,,,,you want to keep that just between you and me....
When you make me the next apple pie,,could you please add a little more cinnamon...
Thank you Maryjane
Jun 24th 2013 new
(quote) Kenny-949632 said:
How do you handle all the messages that you receive??? 
I once had this problem, but it was because I promised the marriage would only last 2 weeks and get us a deal on a double room at a resort. So when the deal ran out the messages fortunately stopped. Guess you're out of luck on that.
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