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Oct 10th 2013 new
Howdy, it seems to me that there are plenty of us looking for LTR, but we get buried in the 1000's of profiles of people who are active once a month, or "aren't looking for anything serious right now." From what I've seen, those who know what the want and are realistic about it, of both genders, are having to deal with the quagmire that is search. The only real 'sudden' disqualifier on a woman's account is when I see "active this month". If you're serious about this, you're active at least every couple of days. That is why I like the forums. If you are posting, you are active. Just for fun do a search of people in your area, say 50 miles, leave it open and see the number of people, then edit it to people who have been active in the last week, suddenly, you don't need to deal with a thousand profiles. Sorry for the rant, again, Howdy.
Nov 10th 2013 new
Hi all, this is my first time posting in the forums. It seems like inactive profiles, and people just not responding to smiles and messages, is a problem for both men and women, of all ages. But I think maybe it is especially hard for young adults, especially when there are really no young adults in your parish or groups in your area.
Nov 13th 2013 new
Its more likely a unsubscribed profile. Your allowed to send smileys but no other message. There are many inactive profiles. I'll be doing probably shortly but my friend who met his spouse on here a 2 years ago told me one needed to send like 100-200 messages every couple days or a week can't remember which. But the moral is cast a wide wide net. That should produce results and you'll see out of those 200 messages 100 won't answer and then another 50 will smile at you or view your profile and maybe 30 will respond with an actual message.
Nov 17th 2013 new
(quote) Christina-987465 said: ....and some of the demands on some men's profiles, seriously?????? The characteristics and expectations they have for their so called ideal woman are absurd!
What are the demands?
Nov 17th 2013 new
Sheilagh, I agree it is fustrating, especially for the young adults who live in rual areas, without a lot of other catholics in their age range. But I am hoepful subscribed membership will increase.
Nov 18th 2013 new
It could be worse for all of you fine people! I just joined here and the community more local to me , UK for example seems non existent.
Nov 25th 2013 new
Maybe we all need to cast a wider net than we'd ideally have liked
Nov 27th 2013 new
Thanks guys for you input. Sorry I haven't replied to some of yalls posts. I am currently in Afganistan and havent had access. I am glad to see this post is getting more attention. I personally wanted to address two post in general.
In reply to Mariana who was surprised to see so many YA under 30:
I still believe in going out and actually dating but I also realize that the bar scene and sadly even your local parish doesn't always offer alot a dating options. And even if you get out every weekend like I used to the quality isn't always there. While I agree with you that there are some people who are focused on figuring things out and starting a career, I also think there are plenty of people who like myself are established and want something more serious. I have my profile because 1) I work my butt off and don't always have time to date not to mention my career has me bouncing all over from place to place. 2) I am all for using technology to my advantage, 3) I have seen the online dating world work for people. Not all of us are computer geeks or super shy introverts (not that there is anything wrong with that) some of us are simply trying to keep their options open and broaden their horizons.

And in reply to Christina who thinks men are demanding too much:
I think that some of us know what we want in life. Not all of us but me personally I know exactly who I am and what is required to make me happy. Now as with a real relationship, compromises can be made but why is it a crime for me to be picky. For example and I am not afraid to say this: I see alot of obese and unhealthy women dating online. I am sorry but for me; thats an instant deal killer because of my lifesyle. I am in the military and am constantly on the go. I have to be with someone who takes care of their body and can physically keep up with me. That being said I know alot of women who think that am a bad guy because I don't date obese women. I don't care how genuine or sweet a woman is, if I am not physically attracted to you then I am not gonna pursue any further. I know what I want I am not the kind of guy who is gonna settle with second best; and I also don't believe any of you should either.
Nov 28th 2013 new
What kinds of characteristics and expectations?
Dec 6th 2013 new
(quote) Alex-382372 said:  That should produce results and you'll see out of those 200 messages 100 won't answer and then another 50 will smile at you or view your profile and maybe 30 will respond with an actual message.
Sending out that many messages would be a full-time job, it seems! Glad it worked out for him, though.

I think it's OK for people to be picky if that pickiness comes from what they know will and will not work for them and their lives. I'm sure it can be frustrating to think you're not being given a fair shake, but you only need *one* that thinks you're a great catch.
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