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Jun 12th 2013 new
Hey Patrick,
As the Genie told Aladdin, "Beeeeeeeeeee yourself!" :-) The bottom line is God will guide you to her and her to you. Patience and trust is key.... but, of course, that's easier said than done. A friend of mine recommended praying back-to-back novenas to various saints for this one intention. Don't forget pray for her too!

Not too sure what those 49 messages contained, but I think you if you review a lady's profile and choose a common interest to spark a conversation, then you're more likely to get a response. Just don't be one of those guys who sends a very generic emote saying, "You're cute! Let's chat!"

Pray. Hope. And don't worry. ;-) She's out there! And, hopefully, praying for you too.
God bless,
Jun 12th 2013 new

no need to apologize that's an excellent point you're making. One that I wasn't considering before. In reality anyone can feel big and strong behind a computer screen where they feel there are no consequences for their actions. I really do feel for women who have to deal with that on here.
Jun 12th 2013 new

way to go with the genie/robin Williams reference! :) thank you for your advice! Again I think when I rescue my Australian shepherd it'll be all uphill from there haha
Jun 12th 2013 new
I'm skydiving for the first time on August 10th. So far 8 other brave souls are joining me. Good luck to you.
Jun 14th 2013 new
Hi Patrick!
I read your profile, and let me tell you, there's nothing wrong with it... on the contrary, you seem like a kind, well educated, MATURE young man.
I'd just tell you to be patient and don't be dissapointed. The woman that God has planned for you will arrive to your life one day. In the meanwhile, enjoy! enjoy this site and life itself.
God bless you! Praying
Jun 14th 2013 new
My one recommendation is to avoid sending a simple "Smile" emotigram.

If you find a woman interesting and want to reach out to her, read her profile and start a conversation about something she has posted there. Every long-running conversation I've had here on CM -- some of which turned into dates and longer-term relationships -- has started that way. In some cases SHE started the conversation!

Best of luck, and keep in mind that folks on CM who are not paid members probably can't read your messages or respond to them -- so don't read too much into your unsuccessful attempts to contact them.
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