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Jun 15th 2013 new
When I was pregnant, we did not know the sex of the baby and people were dying to know the names we picked out. We were not going to share because we didn't want anyone's opinion until the the name belonged to the child, so we told people that if it was a girl it was going to be Kumquat Rose and if it was a boy it was going to be Kareem Joaquin. The names were just believable enough that people were not sure if we were serious. (We weren't)

There really isn't a name that I would have an issue with. My aunt dated a guy for years that has the same name as my dad and I have an uncle that married someone with the same name as my mom. I hate when people mispronounce or misspell my last name. People have shortened my legal first name numerous ways and it just frustrates me so I really make an effort when it comes to other people's names. I do hesitate if someone has a name that is hard to pronounce or has a weird spelling.
Jun 17th 2013 new
Oh heavens no! I was born before Road to Avonlea was created. :) Granted, the book was written some time ago before that I think..? Actually my mom has a cute practice of looking at her baby's face when it arrives and the name comes to her then. There have been a couple of times that it wasn't even on the "approved" list between my parents, but my dad liked it too. :) She thought of the St. Felicity who had seven sons and was a Roman martyr with her sons- just like the story of the Maccabees! St. Felicity was a strong woman!
Jun 18th 2013 new
Hi Felicity,

Such a neat thread; Names are so important and I do believe they have some bearing on the person. I look for the meaning of a name as well as how it sounds and what I hope to convey by it. When I was pregnant with my second child and we knew she was going to be a girl, my father-in-law was after me to name her after his mother, who was still living and the oldest female alive in either family. Her name was Inez. I really didn't like Inez at all. So I asked her one day if she had a middle name and she said, yes but I don't like it very much. It was Victoria. So, she became Victoria Genevieve (pronounced the French way), and we call her Tori for short, rather than Vicky. When I was pregnant with Joshua, I knew I wanted to name him after my uncle, but wasn't too excited about either of his first names, George or Herbert. It was a family practice to alternate Herbert George and George Herbert every other generation until my brother George came along and my mom changed it to George Edward. So, Joshua became Joshua Wagner, using my uncle's sir name. Pete named number three after a character in one my stories, which he liked,Brianna Marie and with number four, I realized everyone's name ended with an A, so limited my choice to names with an A, and she became Samantha Lorraine, the Lorraine after my mom.

As far as fella names, I do pause when someone is named a variation of David for an old high school ex and I do pause when someone is named Pete, it seems somehow odd to think about dating someone with the same name as my late husband, although I would like to think I'd be able to overcome that should I be invited to dinner by a Pete :-).

Name likes change as well. There was a time, when I thought Emma was old and dated and icky, and now I love the name and would definitely love to have a little Emma running about some day. . .as a grandbaby most probably lol. . .
Jun 20th 2013 new
What's in a name? Some of us think carefully about the names we give our children, considering biblical meanings or family history. If I named my son Daniel, why does he go by Dan? irked If my firstborn's name is David, why do people call him Dave? scratchchin When I was in my mom's womb her pregnancy was very difficult and she was at risk of losing her life, so she asked my dad to name me after our Lady of Guadalupe, if a girl (me) Maria Guadalupe, if a boy Jose Guadalupe. I've always felt our lady close to me, glad to have her name...There's a story behind the name, interesting to be open to it when we meet others.
Jun 21st 2013 new
I never had a bad experience with a woman named Mary or Maria and most other female names...but I will avoid someone named Andrea from my past experience with a controlling b... that I was aquainted with.
Jun 21st 2013 new
(quote) Ronald-937125 said: I never had a bad experience with a woman named Mary or Maria and most other female names...but I will avoid someone named Andrea from my past experience with a controlling b... that I was aquainted with.
Lol. I don't like Tinas or Veronicas (the ones I know are just like Veronica Lodge). I love the name Virginia or Ginger, Tammy, and Nancy, although all but one Nancy I've known in real life have been difficult. Most Mary Beths I know are difficult, but if they go by Beth, Elizabeth or Liz, or just plain Mary, they seem to be okay. Funny, isn't it? I am not a big fan of "Michael," as most I have known are not nice. My confirmation saint is George, and I REALLY like that name, because I really like George Bailey, George Fayne, and Saint George.

I don't really care for my own first name, and loved that the military used "PS" (my rate abbreviation) as the term of close acquaintance, or last name only, and for formal Petty Officer H. I prefer to be Mr. "H," honestly, not spelled out/said out. Kind of the British way. . .
Jun 22nd 2013 new
"Phoebe" isn't overly common. There was a matriarch named Phoebe on "All My Children" who was difficult and Phoebe on "Friends" who was flakey.

When I was 18, I worked with a Phoebe. She was the young niece of a big wig in the company. She had red hair, was about 90 pounds soaking wet, would wear a beret to one side. She was such a rude, spoiled brat! She had it in her head that she was the most important person on the planet. I worked reception for a few months and each time she'd call the desk, she'd say, "Yeah, what was your name again?" Then she'd ask rudely, "was my phone ringing, did I get any messages?" Some people were talking and laughing across the way from her cubicle. She screamed nastily at them, "I'm on the phone here." I hated that job and quit after a couple of months.

She left such an awful impression, I'm glad I've never encountered another Phoebe.
Jun 22nd 2013 new
I would probably hesitate to date someone named Elizabeth or Beth since that is my younger sister's name. It would just be kind of weird. (Legally her name is Elizabeth, but she has always gone by the shortened form.)
Jun 23rd 2013 new
I wonder what emotion does my name elicit? I mean Carlos is fairly latin, so many here might think I'm player?!? On the other hand, since I'm German but was raised in Costa Rica, my actual name would be Karl. The name Karl is not that cool, especially since the guy that appeared in some "Friend's" episodes as Joey's double wasn't very smart. lol Anyway, in my case I don't have a problem with any name. There are some women's name I just love like Carol and its derivatives, Megan, Melissa, Amber, Kate....etc. There are many more that I find attractive, but in overall I never exclude anyone because of a name. Interesting thread though :0) Thanks for posting.
Jun 23rd 2013 new
(quote) Felicity-929402 said: Maybe you could have convinced him to go by his middle name?

** why do people never use their middle names?? **
I often use my first and middle name. I have many friends who use them together. In college I signed all my work with my complete name; therefore, my professors picked up calling me by both my first and middle name. I quite like it. biggrin
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