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Jun 13th 2013 new
Thank-you for this post!
I am going to re-visit my profile and try to see it from another perspective.
My question to you and others is:
any ideas as to how to present our weaknesses without scaring folks off!

We are all not the Transfiguration, rather we all a bit of the wounded, scourged
Christ in us.

Jun 13th 2013 new
(quote) Kenny-949632 said:

Ah,,Shucks Carol,,,,,you have me blushing...Thank you for the compliment,,
though underserved as I am in the same boat as so many here...

God didn't want Adam to be alone, so He created Eve...
I saw a study not too long ago that stated that people who give and receive ""HUGS"" regularly
live longer and more quality feel lives than people who do not...

When we have a true Sweetheart, we can hug on the phone, hug in written form and so many ways....I think it boils down to being sensitive...Sensitive to your own heart and sensitive to the emotional heart of your Sweetheart...It really is a free-open-warm place to be...
My wife taught me that when facing society that being analytical is mostly preferred, but when facing love and loved ones,, that emotions are always preferred...I learned to be 10% analytical and 90% emotional...I wouldn't have it any other way...Emotions are one of Jesus's greatest and sweetest gifts for us... Just look at Mass at how many times Love and Peace are mentioned...And I read that the word ""LOVE"" is mentioned in The Bible 697 times..(depending on the translation used)....

GROUP HUG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love to All
This is really beautiful Kenny...! And true too...

Your wife was one very WISE woman.... rose
Jun 13th 2013 new

Thank you Kenny! I'm with you 100%! wave It does bother me when I see profiles that don't believe in what Jesus Christ teaches. It's like why do they even bother. Why not just go to some secular dating site? rolling eyes

Praying rosary theheart rose
Jun 14th 2013 new
(quote) Kenny-949632 said: Hi Everyone,
In doing the silly " I get too many messages" thread, I received some private messages from men and women....
After a few jokes, the main concerns and problems they expressed
were that so many of the profiles that they see and read are " Intimidating"
to an extent.... A large extent.....!!

Many people in their profiles list all of the things that make them so wonderful ..They have so so many activities and seem to have such wonderful and full lives.

The concerns stated that many also seem to want close to perfection in a possible spouse. .. They want a possible Sweetheart that will do the 6 thousand activities with them and join them as the community builds them a statue for being so wonderful....

Personally, I do get a little intimidated reading some of the profiles. Men, some men, when they get in their late 50's and 60's, don't necessarily want to do 100 things everyday or be something that they are not.....Or feel intimidated a bit..

I watch this Catholic Priest on TV sometimes and I remember him saying that in a relationship, we should believe that The Blessed Mother is on your left shoulder and Jesus is on your right shoulder.....

Maybe we ,,,me,,you,,we,,should review our profiles and make them less perfect, and less seeking perfect,,, and show some humbleness and humility and maybe a flaw or two...

If, you, ,,me,,we,,were really that perfect, would we really be ALONE !!??? Everyone,,, me too,, can't be Mr. Ms. Excitement,,Mr. Ms.. Entertainment all the time...I'm not Mr. Any of those things,,,but I thank God that I'm not Mr. Abusive,,,Mr. Violent,,Mr. Disrespectful or Mr. Cheater...I'm just a sack of potatoes and a Bozo at times (affectionately)...I wouldn't have it any other way..

People do not want to be intimidated. I want a woman with humility to hug me with her heart,,, hug me with her eyes,, hug me spiritually and emotionally,,and one day hug me with her arms..
If my profile intimidates her, or her profile intimidates me,,,we will never share joy together...

I challenge you,,and me,,to re-visit our profiles to see if we added enough human humility and humbleness..

Then ask God if """"He Likes Your Profile """????.

love to all
Why do you always have to make these thought-provoking posts Kenny? You made me triple check and quadruple check my own profile to see if I was scaring away any potential matches away! laughing In all serious though, you, good sir, have definitely become my new favorite person here on the forums wink I agree with you when you say that it seems like many of us are searching for someone who is spotless and perfect in every aspect even when we ourselves are not perfect. It is clear that humility is a virtue that is undervalued in this day and age. That being said, your metaphorical idea of hugging is powerful and certainly full of truth. I feel that more of us should follow in your example and reexamine what we our looking for in our potential spouses.
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