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It would be hard to make up this stuff. I heard about this on the radio earlier this week, so I went searching for an article. I found this article in LifeSiteNews.

As it says in the article.... "The bill says that its purpose is to fulfill the requirements of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC)." This sounds a bit like what the Nazi's did leading up to WWII, where children were essentially taken from the parents to be raised by the state. I think it is rather chilling that such legislation could even be proposed these days. Apparently the Scottish government doesn't trust parents to raise their own children.

Below, I have copied a few paragraphs from the article. There is a link to the full article below:

EDINBURGH, June 6, 2013 ( The Scottish government is proposing a bill that would appoint a government supervisor to oversee every child in the country from birth onward.

Childrens Minister Aileen Campbell said that under the Children and Young People Bill, the responsibility for appointing a named person for each child from birth, will lie with local health boards. These persons, who will be social or health workers, will promote, support or safeguard the well-being of the child or young person.

There have been very few reservations about the bill raised in Scotlands devolved parliament at Holyrood.

The Iona Institute, a conservative think tank, noted that most of the MLAs have voiced only procedural concerns such as how social workers are going to oversee their new charges and how many children will be assigned per named person."

The Schoolhouse Home Education Association has warned that the bill will open up a new totalitarian direction for Scottish society. The group called it propaganda designed to fool the sheeple."

The bill, they said, is not intended to protect the rights or safety of children. Rather, it is designed to establish universal citizen surveillance via parent licensing and early interference, effectively ensuring state oversight and ownership of all children in Scotland."

The bill says that its purpose is to fulfill the requirements of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).


Jun 15th 2013 new

That is very bizarre. Since they are part of Great Britain, I wonder how they can
get away with it. We have to keep watching this to see what develops. Who
would have thought it would happen in the British Isles?

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