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Jun 23rd 2013 new
Before my parents divorce, I lived on a Navy base surrounded by men with tattoos! Tattoos were the normal... on men! Tattoos on men don't bother me - I kind of expect them. As for women, I always had this perception of women with tattoos as being somewhat trashy. Over time my perception has changed. I'm not a big fan, but my daughter loves them... and I often thought of getting one - something with meaning. My daughter and I decided to get matching tattoos a year ago. She got hers and a few days ago, I got mine - honoring my son.

I'm still not a fan of people being covered with tattoos, but I understand the attraction...
Jul 6th 2013 new
This is a quote that a very tattooed individual said to me: "The only difference between tattooed people and non-tattooed people is tattooed people don't care if you are not tattooed." I have no idea who the author is.
Jul 6th 2013 new
I'm not a fan of tattoos. If they're visible on a woman wearing short sleeves and a skirt, they tend to be a huge turn-off for me. I do not have any tattoos and have no plans to ever get one.
Jul 7th 2013 new
Good topic. They are definitely not an issue for me, and I think as long as they are tasteful, not excessive, and do not portray anything demonic, then they aren't an issue for me. I just got my first one done a couple months ago on my arm - a musical note with some fancy highlighting and colors/effects.
Jul 7th 2013 new
Well, they're not really very individualistic anymore; as I heard it said recently, go to any public beach nowadays and every "Tom, Dick, and Harry has one."

It's hard for me to say. "Or know you not, that your members are the temple of the Holy Ghost, who is in you, whom you have from God; and you are not your own?" (1 Corinthians 6:19). No tramp-stamps, please, they should not be located on erogenous parts of the body, although as I am a Christian man, I won't know until the honeymoon night.

The readings for Mass today seem to speak, at least peripherally to a point like this: "But God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ; by whom the world is crucified to me, and I to the world" (Galatians 6:14). If they exude faith or something that isn't trivial, I'm ok with them, however. If they offend those conditions, if they're relics from a former less-than-Catholic phase of your life, that's ok, but I have to insist that you be willing to remove them.

I learned something once. Typically (but not always, there are several very nice accounts about loved ones and faith)tattoos are the result of a impulsive decision. Don't make faith a fad; if you get a tattoo, you may really get tired of it one day, and it's important that the faith message doesn't become a casualty of that passing fancy.

And no, I don't have any, although I've spent a lot of time just thinking about what kind I'd get if I ever decided to, which probably isn't likely, but still fun to imagine. As I am a student of theology, it would be something theological, maybe Sts. Thomas Aquinas or Augustine, and as I am a Traditional Catholic (but not sedevacantist, mind you) definitely in Latin. Gotta rekindle interest in the language which formerly united all of Christendom.
Sep 13th 2013 new
In a word yes. I do not like them at all, on men or women. It may not be a deal breaker, but it would defiantly play a major part.
Sep 13th 2013 new
2 of my 3 kids and my s-i-l have them and i like nothing about them
Sep 14th 2013 new
Unless, if you know how or when or where to look, what he looks like is who he is ....
Sep 14th 2013 new
I don't care for them because it seems like nowadays everyone has them ... and lots of them. I had a tattoo done many, many years ago. It's very small, not offensive, and not easily seen. But now I hate it and am going through the process of having it removed. That being said, tattoos are not deal breakers for me, but I have more admiration for a guy who doesn't have them.
Sep 14th 2013 new
A partner with tattoos is not an issue, as long as he isn't covered in them from head to toe, they aren't offensive or diabolic, and they can be easily covered when appropriate (church, work, special events & occasions). The majority of people typically have thoughts and reasons attached to their tattoos, and I think ink can tell you quite a bit about a person. Although I now wished I hadn't gotten my two tattoos, they are definitely there and a part of me and my life. Some people may think that's wrong, but if they aren't able to look at the entire picture and get past the tat, how can they ask others to look at the whole picture when it comes to themselves?
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