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Jun 19th 2013 new
(quote) Carol-737878 said: Maryjane,
What is so disappointing to me is that when we are matched with a guy in our age category (& they do seem to be few & far between) they don't seen to be interested in the least little bit. Wouldn't you think that if a "match" is indicated, they would take a moment to view our profile, say hello, ask a question or two. There had to be something that generated the match; why not pursue it a bit? I wrote to one of my few matches & asked if we might try messaging. The response was kind of like, "I guess so; perhaps; well, maybe" Whoop-di-doo! I really wanted to jump right on that one! WHY ARE THEY HERE???!!!
I understand how you feel, Carol. Can't tell you how many CM ladies in my age range that I've sent messages to after viewing their profiles and heard absolutely nothing back. Not even a browse most times. Chirp Chirp

At least they've responded to you and by their lack of enthusiasm, have let you know that they aren't interested. Don't let it get you down. They weren't worth your time anyway. If you have to "pull teeth" to get someone to respond to your request, then don't waste your time on 'em.

God Bless!
Jun 19th 2013 new
Thanks Steve for your helpful insight.
Jun 19th 2013 new
(quote) Carol-737878 said: Whoops, I forgot we were in a place where men can read & respond! Perhaps I should be asking, WHY ARE YOU HERE anyway??!!
I so enjoy reading your posts, Carol...
they always reflect my own thoughts and feelings. wave

Jul 19th 2013 new
(quote) Marge-938695 said: IDEA: Why don't you contact the ladies and let THEM decide if this is an issue, rather than passing them by?
There have been, and possibly still are, some wealthy people here for whom this wouldn't be an issue.
Do you mean a sugar Momma? eyebrow laughing
Jul 20th 2013 new
Why not?
Jul 20th 2013 new
Hah! Wouldn't that be great Jack? Like instant mashed potatoes. Add some water, a bit of butter, wait 5 minutes and presto... "instant spouse." If you figure how to make it work let me know. I would be satisfied just to have a good fella to go out for coffee or see a movie!
Jul 21st 2013 new
The "something" is a computer program that doesn't seem to generate useful results as far as I can tell and essentially ignores the criteria that I have set out in my profile. I likewise ignore its irrelevant output.
Jul 21st 2013 new
(quote) Bernard-2709 said: Do you mean a sugar Momma?
As a high school teacher, I can tell you the current term is 'sponsor.' tongue
Jul 21st 2013 new
I have found that many of my matches seem like someone that I would like to get to know. But as we have to remember that profiles are here but many people are not active. When I find someone that I might like... I send a quick emote and suggest they check out my profile and the forums. I figure if the get active in the forums then they will see what I post. I know that many of my friends have found there mate in the forums and one even moved from Southern CA to Sacramento.
Jul 21st 2013 new
(quote) Sam-427739 said: As a high school teacher, I can tell you the current term is 'sponsor.'
laughing sponsor play_w2("S0660000") (spnsr)n.
1. One who assumes responsibility for another person or a group during a period of instruction, apprenticeship, or probation.
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