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Aug 21st 2013 new
(quote) Bridgid-151982 said: For what it's worth...I have made some wonderful friends on this site. Sure, I was interested in a romance with a couple of them, but by entering the forums and chatting we learned more about each other and made decisions based on that.

Browsing is just that - browsing. I don't think anyone is required to send me a note or an emoticon just because they view me or I them. As far as matches go, there's only so much a computer can do. Some of my friends never came up as matches, but we get along splendidly! If I'm walking down the street and see an attractive guy I'll browse the heck out of him, but if he makes eye-contact we both can decide then and there to communicate more or not; most often, it's not.

I've been off the site for a few years because of an engagement that fell through. I'm just happy this site is here do to exactly what Jerry mentioned. I learn and mingle on the forums; if a match comes around I always take the time to look them over, and about half the time I'll send them a note. It's the only way to make stuff work, you know?
interesting point.
Aug 21st 2013 new
I try. wink
Aug 25th 2013 new
Hmmm. This whole thread is turning out to be enlightening for me. I have been assuming that the "matching" feature had some degree of utility, and the lack of "success" was discouraging me. So, I guess I'll spend more time in the fora and make a greater effort to go to meet-ups or retreats. The meet-ups can be tricky to get to, since I live way off in a corner, but I think it's worth a greater effort on my part.

Thank you all for the insight you've given here!
Aug 25th 2013 new
I'm not 45, but I feel like I'm 75, so I'll butt in without fear of recrimination. Has anyone noticed that the matches don't show many of the same people you find in your saved searches? I've noticed a few of the same, but I get that impression by skimming. I have a local search with certain parameters, and a worldwide search with (otherwise) the same ones. That could be bad or good I suppose. Plus, the match previews barely have any info, so I guess you have to blindly click on everybody

To me, it's kind of like ebay's Best Match search- it runs on some arcane formula that tries to give you what you want and kinda does, but you'll usually get more accurate results doing it yourself. I'm not complaining really as I don't use Matches one way or another, just throwing this out there.
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