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Jun 19th 2013 new
That being said, I will say I'm impressed with most of the people on this site. If you go on other secular, or even Christian dating sites, it's a whole other deal. So thanks guys, for proving that there are good men out there!
Jun 19th 2013 new
Loose the ball cap and glasses...I want to see your face, silly. ;-)

Guess I need to change my pic soon...if only the camera weren't broke.

Everyone deserves a chance unless they are screaming "run from this one!" so be charitable and open to the will of God...everyone looks different online. They look different underneath a car covered with grossness too. It's the heart and mind we are after here.
Jun 19th 2013 new
Evening clothes for people my age are baggy and have stripes, and when we were a lot younger, had feet.....only kidding ladies.....I don't look as old as I feel....Keep Smiling
Jun 19th 2013 new
(quote) Ann-69118 said: Don't
Send messages asking super personal questions or making rude comments.
Post pictures that look make your look like you're mad, depressed, generally unhappy.
Hahaha...there are plenty of the latter!

Jun 19th 2013 new
That was a picture of my Mom, Maryclaire.....besides, I think you're too young for me.......keep smiling, kiddo....just funnin' witcha
Jun 19th 2013 new
(quote) Susan-898689 said: Don't start communicating with someone and develop a good rapport....and then.....poof!......all of sudden never to be heard from again.
This just happened to me!!!
It's kind of embarrassing, rude for sure! I try to live by the Golden Rule,
but am astounded when the courtesy is not reciprocated. I can take an emote that says something indicating they don't want to continue on, etc...but I can't understand avoidance, like they don't even notice your emails.
It is our Christian, if not Catholic duty to love one another...but do we really?

Jun 19th 2013 new
(quote) Daniele-678076 said: Don't get too attached to someone you are communicating with, contacts come and go. Get over it
This is true. You cannot get emotionally involved with a photo of someone and some typed words BUT...people do need to learn and practice online ettiquette since this is (unfortunately) the primary way people communicate these days.

Jun 19th 2013 new
(quote) Bradley-266389 said: I would recommend against using this site for the aggressive solicitation to purchase northeastern Mediterranean fish heads by the long tonne.
Is there a story behind this?
Jun 19th 2013 new
(quote) Lynn-189934 said: Hey, if Pelosi is married, why is she on this site?
laughing thumbsup
Jun 19th 2013 new
Don't say you're "never married" here if on another site you said "divorced" or "annulled." Red flag!
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