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Jun 21st 2013 new
don't be an open book. A little mystery never hurts.

Don't forget that just because you are on a Catholic/Christian site, that doesn't mean that everyone else thinks the same as you do. So unfortunate though for those of us here trying to find a suitable partner.

don't forget to express yourself in a bright light where others see you as the fun loving person that you are!
Jun 22nd 2013 new
Jun 22nd 2013 new
" Never complain. Never explain." biggrin
Jun 22nd 2013 new
Why would I criticize Dale Carnegie? He had some good stuff.


Jun 22nd 2013 new
Don't forget to pray for those who hurt you on this site. At the end of it all, we're all children of God, brothers and sisters in Christ.
Jun 22nd 2013 new
Don't take any of the stuff too seriously.
Jun 22nd 2013 new
(quote) Trish-977181 said: Don't take any of the stuff too seriously.
Actually, I respectfully disagree with this. People not taking things on this site seriously enough is the biggest reason people are dissatisfied. If more people were serious in their approach to matters here-- everything from honestly and thoughly completing their profile, to answering communicatio, to prayer, to asking and accepting dates, to doing all they could to be able to marry within the Church when they meet their future spouse-- we would not see so many threads complaining or bemusing about their struggle with online CM dating.

Don't be cavalier, lazy, or flippant about things on this site. But don't take things too personally. Invest heavily in your time, treasure and talent, but guard/ train your heart.
Jun 23rd 2013 new
Exactly, Dawn. If marriage is your vocation, by all means, pursue it seriously. There's little more frustrating than being on this site and having someone say, "I'm not sure I see marriage for myself right now"... then why are you on here?

But at the same time -- be cautious about what you invest in! It's a tricksy line to walk, and it takes some practice.
Jun 23rd 2013 new
Initiate a chat and then you:

Have no idea what to say! (Maybe reading the person's profile first could offer certain topics of discussion)

Fall asleep

Expect the other person to carry the whole conversation

Leave abruptly and rudely without a simple goodbye

Say something inappropriate

Jun 23rd 2013 new
Okay, you caught me! Meant no sunglasses! But you knew that.
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