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Jun 27th 2013 new
(quote) Clair-6292 said: Sorry Dave,

I am using new speech to text software and I am Assuming it is properly understanding me. That is the problem for most of the stuff you didn't understand.

The Galileo affair Made the church mad because someone outside the church was telling the church they had to change their teachings because of something he discovered In science. It was not Galileo's place to tell the church what to do. I listen to a lot of news and talk radio through the day and even EW TM radio. The things I heard reported from the US CB Sounded like you were trying to tell the senators what had to be in the legislation they voted on concerning the border security and immigration. Sadly no I don't remember any specifics at this point.

That does not mean the church and the bishops should not remind Love you so tors of their responsibilities to treat all human life with dignity.

Hi Clair,

Are you handicapped by any chance? I'm sorry if you are, because I tried to find this on your profile but couldnt.

If you are not however, I think you should at the minimum proof-read your posts - because some of your text to speech software can mess up so badly that it does not make any sense at all e.g. your previous posts. Other's like me have to read it, so you might as well do us a favor and at least read through your post once before posting biggrin .

The Gallileo affair occurred almost 150 years before the founding of America. The USCCB obviously did not exist then, nor had anything to do with the affair. It is ridiculous to claim the USCCB had anything to do with the Gallileo affair.

I am curious to know what you understand by the Gallileo affair, because it may be something new to me. However here is what I know about it. I dont claim to be an expert on this matter, so I open to learning something new.

The Church, from the very beginning has always been faithful to Truth: Truth accessible through human logic (i.e. Philosophy), Truth accessible through divine revelation (i.e. Theology), and Truth accessible through observing nature (i.e. Physical Sciences). The Church has always promoted Truth & Science, and has always preserved and passed on this information through the generations. It has always been the stance of the Church that all Truth comes from God, and therefore Truth cannot be contradictory.

(Heliocentric theory suggested that the Sun was stationary and other planets like the Earth revolved around it.)

One of the first things to grasp about the Gallileo affair was that he did not propose the Heliocentric theory i.e. he merely promoted an existing theory. Heliocentric theory was first proposed (in the Western World at least) by Nicolaus Copernicus about 50 years before Gallileo was even born. (i.e. 1514, as against 1564 when Gallileo was born.) It is even today know as the Copernican Theory. There is evidence that Copernicus was a priest because later in his life the King of Poland wanted to make him a Bishop. ( The Church was not against the Heliocentric theory because Copernicus even gave a private lecture on it to the reigning Pope.

The difference between Gallileo who came 50 to 100 years after Copernicus was that he was claiming Heliocentric theory as a fact i.e. as the Truth, but he was unable to prove it. Even if this was not enough Gallileo would not have had much trouble with the Church had he chosen to stay in the realm of Science. It is only after he moved the debate on to Theology did he get into trouble with the Church.

I forget what exact proofs Gallileo offered as his defense, but science today has utterly discredited them. I recall one of them was regarding Tides i.e. if Gallileos theory was correct, there should be tides only once a day. However everyone knows that Tides occur almost twice a day. Even people in his own time did not believe him.

By the way, Gallileo was a personal friend of Pope Urban VIII, so even though he was brought before the Inquisition, he was not tortured or anything like that. In fact some claim during his trial, he stayed as a guest of an official of the Inquisition, not in some prison cell.

I hope this clears thing up. The Church loves truth, and always accepts it. Gallileo did not discover anything. He simply tried to claim a certain scientific proposition had implications to theology, without any scientific proof.

I am wondering if you can explain what you meant by the second part of your post: The things I heard reported from the US CB Sounded like you were trying to tell the senators what had to be in the legislation they voted on concerning the border security and immigration

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