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Jun 24th 2013 new
You make a lot of good points.

My objection to the canned "Not interested" message was, it was very brusque in tone, and people would send it in reply to an emote that said something like, "Nice profile. Hoping you have a good weekend."

Thank goodness, nowadays people reply with "Thanks, you too." Meaning is clear, and not so much like a slap in the face.
Jun 30th 2013 new
(quote) Ian-974430 said: It's great seeing all the different perspectives for this subject as I am very curious about it. I recently just joined Catholic Match a month or so ago and I have sent numerous messages to different ladies and I have to say the responses are almost absent. I simply assume they are not interested since there is no response(usually after a week), but do any of you think that there is a possibility that some ladies are just bombarded with messages and emotigrams from men? Therefore they are not timely in responses or they just simply forget?

Two reasons. No response is a response, meaning not interested or they are not a paying member and cannot respond. I think too many people focus on "why" and it is pretty simple. Keep your heart open and Our Lord will bring the one He wants for you:) Plus be sure and use as many avenues for meeting people as possible. This is just one small avenue.
Jun 30th 2013 new
(quote) Doug-974859 said: Does any member of the community know of, or has used, a message of response that essentially says "Thank you, but I have no interest in communicating further"? I realize it's a tough thing to say. I also realize, based on some of the forum questions I have read, that it might (only might) do more good than leaving someone hanging.

Or maybe not. Maybe a "no response" is the best response. Comments? Thanks!
I would like the "Thank you, but I have no interest in communicating further"? Than be left hanging ;-)
Jul 2nd 2013 new
I once received a message that said thank you for ....... I wish you the best in your search. That was kind and said it in a nice way :)
Jul 2nd 2013 new
Marge, Looks like you and I have been around for awhile. I don't recall the "canned" emotigram, maybe because I didn't receive one. It seems to me that that is a mean response. Maryjane
Jul 2nd 2013 new
Laura, That is good advice. However, it doesn't change the fact that a non-response is rude. Maryjane
Jul 2nd 2013 new
You aren't the only one disappointed in responses. I have tried to contact most of my matches and basically 95% don't respond. Why are they on this site if they aren't interested in meeting people? I also have no one contacting me either. I will probably let my membership lapse when it comes due in August as I haven't had one single date from this site or anyone interested in me.

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