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Discussion related to living as a Catholic in the single state of life. As long as a topic is being discussed from the perspective of a single Catholic then it will be on-topic.

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Jun 21st 2013 new
I wear dress shirts and dress slacks, all day and all evening. From April 15 to October 15 I put my long-sleeved dress shirts into storage and wear half-sleeved dress shirts instead. Almost everything is solid color, but I try to maintain a bit of variety in my shirt colors. I used to have some lighter-colored slacks, but over the years I have drifted toward navy blue and black as they have been easier to find and I actually prefer them. Sometimes on Saturdays if I am staying home after morning Mass, or if I am doing manual labor that subjects me to dust and dirt, I wear my oldest, slightly worn clothes that I don't mind getting a little dirty or damaging a bit more. I currently have four active pairs of black oxford shoes; nothing else. I have recurring nightmares that I have gone to Mass wearing an old shirt or and old pair of shoes by mistake. Occasionally, I will wear a suit to Mass; if I were married, I would probably be inclined to do it more often. There is never any question of the modesty of my clothing.
Jun 23rd 2013 new
Please don't beat me up, this is to be taken with a large dose of humor! wink
Jun 23rd 2013 new
For swimming i use a wetsuit and go when there are no men present normally if it can be managed. This keeps me warm so i don't quit just because of being cold and keeps my newfoundland knowing who i am (her human to protect and keep from drowning) since it isn't as silent as other suits in the water (or perhaps i'm just a flappy seal).

For daily wear, i am most apt to grab an A-line dress or skirt with blouse since they look OK on anyone, are modest enough for Mass, professional enough for my job, acceptable for my school despite not being leggings w/ a tight half-T (how do they wear those things anyway? although i do prefer leggings to actual hoseiry), and i don't care how appreciated they are for the rest of the real world since i prefer dresses to pants anyway. i like to wear matching business jackets and yes, shoes (i do have a cabinet with probably 100 pr of leather shoes from when i was an active sales professional making too much money with too little time so am still wearing those styles and haven't had more than 1 new pair of shoes in the last 5 years).

For men:
There is nothing better looking than a sharp-dressed man in dark suit, light colored shirt, leather wingtip shoes or moose mocs (but there are many great styles today in any of these as well). Actually, it doesn't matter what he's wearing as long as he's covered since the open-shirt/no-shirt look are not appreciated. For casual, khakis, jeans, whatever isn't too tight or noticably loose since it is pretty gross to be distracted by a man's crack. Cloths are really good on a man.

Jun 23rd 2013 new
I'm very old fashioned. My sister is constantly buying me "men's" clothing, but it is all metrosexual stuff. She tells me I dress like a nerd, but really, why should dress up unmanly?
Jun 23rd 2013 new
Yuk, yuk, yuk Peter! i would wear any of those dress portions with a belt since they appear fairly A-line-ish!
Jun 23rd 2013 new
(quote) Peter-449116 said: Please don't beat me up, this is to be taken with a large dose of humor!
Love it!
Jun 23rd 2013 new
Very Nice - great post Lynea!

Since the fall we wear clothes for 3 reasons- to protect our dignity, express ourselves, and keep from freezing our tail off! Because they express who we are, and we are meant to be in relationship, clothes should not so much "make" us attractive, as reveal or translate the attractiveness inherent in us already.

For mass I like to wear a suit and tie. For summer I got a cream colored linen suit, which is super nice! Unless there's a Baptism I'm the only one who doesn't stick out wink laughing In all seriousness, I just think that with the beauty of the architecture, the vestments, the singing, the vessels, etc and the fact that the mass is a wedding, I actually have started to feel out of place when I dress more casually.

Casual is often jeans (I prefer boot cut) casual sneakers and dress shirt with rolled up sleeves. A few years ago I needed a new fall/ spring jacket. I went to the store, then realized that I could get some sport coats at the thrift shop for way less, and they looked way better. I dropped about $70 and got 5 or 6 jackets, one of which was alpaca for $20! Now everyone is like "ooh, you dressed up!" Thinner sweaters that I can layer under my jackets also a plus. Sometimes I go with a plain dark t-shirt (contrasts with my pasty complexion!)

If its hot I'll wear shorts (end at the top of my knee) and sandals (the 3 strap kind, whatever you call them)

I used to wear stuff 2 or three sizes too big. Now I wear clothes that are fitted.
Jun 23rd 2013 new
laughing very nice Peter! These actually have some very nice styling! I'm thinking about getting some of the guys things!
Jun 23rd 2013 new
(quote) Greg-902815 said: You started out good, but then you launched in to what YOU find attractive. Like I said earier, modesty is about protecting yourself and others from occasion to sin. I would focus more on things such as why we dress in a way to honor God as opposed to appealing to the imaginations/desires of another(which then defeats the purpose).
Greg- why should they be opposed? If a person is holy and has a close relationship with Christ then what he or she finds attractive and God finds attractive will be one in the same. Your post is judgmental- it implies that Lynea is interested in appealing to the baser imaginations of the those she interacts with. What is in her heart is hidden from us (unless she reveals it). Whenever someone writes something in this fora we should always read it in the most charitable way possible. Beyond that, we should read what others write in the spirit of all their other posts, and if you read what she has previously written in other posts it seems far, far, far more likely to me she means to appeal to holy imaginations and desires when she describes dressing modestly.
Jun 23rd 2013 new
Men: I really don't think it matters than much as long as he looks somewhat put together. If I could impose one law in the summer would be men have to wear a shirt in public unless they are at a public pool or beach. It is just gross to see!!!! Obviously, there are some occasions where more dressy makes sense. Although, I personally hate wearing ties because they are so uncomfortable around the neck. I think it is kind of funny that women love seeing men in ties since it doesn't affect them. I very thankful in my new job ties are not required.

Women: Skirts should definitely be below the knee. I don't think long skirts are necessary but maybe for church and other more formal occasion maybe they are good idea. I am very anti pants on women. I suppose jeans are ok for very casual events, but when I ever meet up with a woman for a date and she is wearing jeans, I instantly know she really isn't that into me. I think the most important thing is to cover the chest area. It never ceases to amaze me how many even good moral standing women take liberties in that area.

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