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This room is for discussion related to learning about the faith (Catechetics), defense of the Faith (Apologetics), the Liturgy and canon law, motivated by a desire to grow closer to Christ or to bring someone else closer.

Saint Augustine of Hippo is considered on of the greatest Christian thinkers of all time and the Doctor of the Church.
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We are all called to be Apostles and Saints, and we are given instruction to spread the gospel to the ends of the earth. We all should be aware of the situations where this can come into play, where we can convey to another human being about the truth. I found it's easier to start with the concept, get them to understand the reasoning, then in the end, reference scripture in some way to back it up at the end of the conversation. This has been used with complete atheists as well, so shows it's worthwhile to reach out to even those opposed to any kind of faith.

Some people have a more formal calling, be it in the clergy, to working at a place to help the needy, while others, which includes the bulk of us, our rolls are not so clearly defined. This is important to note, that God works with us on our scale and level, so don't feel bad that you could only feed one hungry person, or that you could only pray for a few minutes, it's the collective that counts and setting a standard and example for others to follow, can take the action of one, and turn it into the action of billions.

The struggle that we face in this modern age, where we are being constantly entertained, we can get lost in the mix and forget that we have a job to do, and this life gives us a very limited amount of time to make our mark, for winning souls over to Christ.

So, my question to you, what are you doing to spread the gospel? Don't feel bad if it's just what you think is a small thing, any thing for the winning of souls for the kingdom of God is counted more precious then gold!

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