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This room is for the discussion of current events,cultural issues and politics especially in relation to Catholic values.

Saint Thomas More was martyred during the Protestant Reformation for standing firm in the Faith and not recognizing the King of England as the Supreme Head of the Church.
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Jul 9th 2013 new
(quote) Michelle-985969 said: You assume that everyone in this country is a Christ follower which is not the reality. There are different religions and atheists/agnostics as well. I don't feel that I should impose my beliefs on someone else. I find your stance as praying for enlightment very condescending and judgmental on your part. Since I am above that I will not suggest it for yourself.
What we are discussing here is not individuals imposing their beliefs on others. There is an objective moral law defined by out creator, which He has imposed on all men.Human governments derive their authority to impose laws on their subjects from the same Creator, and they are bound to govern according to His moral laws.

The ironic thing is, that for one who is arguing so forefully against imposing one's beliefs on others, that is exactly what you have been doing in this topic all evening. For unlike positions based on natural law, which are not personal beliefs but objective truths, the opinions you have been expressing have no such objective basis and this are just personal beliefs -- albeit very common ones.

The type of judgement forbidden to us is the judgement of a person and their soul, not the judgement of beliefs, especially those which one puts forward as being moral truths. In fact, we all have the responsibility to correct moral errors, especially when they are being taught to others.

Jul 9th 2013 new
(quote) Michelle-985969 said: I am responsible for no one other than myself. if someone decides to jump off a cliff, am I responsible for that person's decision as well?
When someone decides to take their own life, unless you are there when they try,you have no responsibility.There is not much you can do for those problems other than finding some way to get the Government or other entity to provide better mental health programs.

The case of abortion is different in that you have an absolute obligation to at least petition your Government to make the murder of the most innocent of human beings a crime rather than promoting and forcing everyone to pay for these murders.

If you believe you are only responsible for yourself,then you are missing a major part of Christ's and His Church's message.

Cain killed Able and then added to his sin by saying, "Am I my brother's keeper?"
Jul 9th 2013 new
(quote) Michelle-985969 said: Jesus changed many of their laws such as healing on the Sabbath, For him, it was much more important to love than follow a law. Sir I don't know whether if it was the Pharisee's law or the Sadducees and really be a nitpicker about the issue shows something about you as a person.

Anyway my whole issue is that it is very dangerous to impose. The Church did in the past during the Inquisition and unfortunately that is what most atheists hate about Christianity.
And most of what is read in the history book about the inquisition is nonsense.

Were there abuses, yes, and the Inquisition in Spain seems to have had more than their share of those abuses, but on the whole, in that period of History people preferred being tried by the Inquisition Courts than by civil courts because they were more likely to receive a fair hearing.

You keep telling all of us to be more Christ like. But our Bishops begged all of us to be more Christ like in our voting choices and being unfairly constrained by the tax laws they went as far as they thought they could, but in the end, if if one approached what they had to say without any pre-formed beliefs, no Catholic, claiming to be a true Catholic, could have cast their ballot for Obummer and the Democratic Party. Yet 54% of voters claiming to be Catholic voted for him and his abhorrent to God policies. Who were more Christ Like?
Jul 9th 2013 new
(quote) Michelle-985969 said: OMG you should really listen to yourself. No one is saying not to counsel people to dissuade them from having an abortion! But after doing the best you can, you cannot stop a person from doing what they think is right.

Not even God does this. It's dangerous to become overzealous and become a religious despot.
No, we can't force others to behave in a certain way.

This doesn't mean that we can't pass laws against immoral acts. And it doesn't mean the government should require individuals or businesses to pay for immoral acts or otherwise violate their consciences.

Jul 9th 2013 new
Marianne you are correct, and now he is trying to change the law so he can run again...I do not believe he was born here either, He is undermining America and I think God is very angry... We the people should get him impeached before he can do more damage.... I keep hearing he is the Antichrist, he is running our country into the ground.. and now his wife say being a first lady is like being in prison. Well she can leave anytime.. We pay for their vacations we pay their pleasures while he takes ours away....

I wish someone could tell me if a person cannot afford insurance how can the government fine them, They took God out of the schools, I say put pray back in school, if the atheist, do not like it let them leave until the prayer is over, that want to take "under God" out of the pledge, If they do not like what we stand for Leave the country why do we have to conform to them...Obama should be kicked out like they did in Egypt...!!!!!!! We should take control of our country again....God use to Bless America but we are letting all of this happen... I never voted for him and I could not believe when he won a second term.....I believe all illegals should be sent back, if you want to come to America you have to learn English and you have to come the right way......
Jul 9th 2013 new
(quote) Marianne-100218 said: You forgot to mention that the Government took away our 100 Watt light bulbs.

That interferes with good vision and reading ability at night.

Too much Government in America......The Government should spend its
time learning how to balance a checkbook, like the rest of America has to do.
You said it...That is what Obama should be doing......I really do not know how people in good conscience could vote for him. especially a second term...

And we are all called to God. "As he said Many are called only few are chosen"

We the people have to fight against Abortions, Gay marriages...... God Man Woman for a man. Not a man for a man or woman for a woman..... He created Adam, and Eve, not Adam and John or Eve and Jane....
Jul 9th 2013 new
(quote) Michelle-985969 said: Ok, nevermind. I see this is an "I hate Obama" thread. I don't understand why people blame a politician for declining values. The trend will not change no matter who is there. The gays have been out of the closet for a long time now. Let's keep government and religion separate. One doesn't need to follow government laws if one is religious.
Praying Michelle, no one is uncharitable on this thread and are just voicing their opinions. The original OP, dear Marianne, stands up for what she believes and shouldn't be called anything other than a Devout Catholic. She has found Faith and peace in her savior Jesus Christ which takes courage and defends her Faith.

Stand up Michelle for something or you will Fall for anything!!

Mr. Bummer has made it clear he despises Catholics and do us Catholics have a choice in ObummerCare when we are funding abortions, paying for birth control? Do you see the separation for church and government? Seriously???

This is how screwed up our country is. A minor has to have a parents permission before the age of 18 to get piercings, tatooes, vote, etc., but when it comes to birth control and/or abortions - The Parent Doesn't Have The Right To Know!!! Think about it! If laws are created, the young and innocent and impressionable believe that they are moral:(

Abortion definition: One Injured and One Wounded!!! There is no other way around it. It is Murder! Though Shall not Kill.

Also, Jerry, you are dear and true to your Faith, but I do have to disagree on suicide not being murder. It is murder of thyself. I've experienced it and the pain they leave behind, but it is murder.

So start defending our Mother Church, ugh!
In God We Trust theheart

Jul 9th 2013 new
(quote) Chris-427945 said: In response to this thread's title--Yes. Yet it is.
Thank you, Chris, for your response.

I am glad to hear from someone in your age group.
Jul 9th 2013 new
(quote) Michelle-985969 said: I beg to differ. It is you who have personally insulting to me.

Pointing out personal traits/flaws of posters is not part of a discussion.

When a person does this, the tactic becomes truly obvious.

It is also a tactic used by many to deviate from the topic.
Jul 10th 2013 new
You're welcome, Marianne.
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