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This room is for the discussion of current events,cultural issues and politics especially in relation to Catholic values.

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Jul 6th 2013 new
(quote) Michelle-985969 said: Ok, nevermind. I see this is an "I hate Obama" thread. I don't understand why people blame a politician for declining values. The trend will not change no matter who is there. The gays have been out of the closet for a long time now. Let's keep government and religion separate. One doesn't need to follow government laws if one is religious.
I don't think it's a "I hate Obama thread", if a white Republican was leading a country down a road leading to declining moral values, it would be who ever is doing that is an evil person.
The leader can make a difference in a trend, but the leader needs to know the difference between right and wrong.
Jul 6th 2013 new
(quote) Katherine-137883 said: I don't hate Obama. I just think his policies are destroying America faster than his predecessors and I think his moral compass is in the toilet. But I try to pray for him as opposed to hating him.
Well said Katherine! thumbsup
Jul 6th 2013 new
Laura. (Disclaimer first: I'm not an expert or financial adviser ... just a regular person.)
Apologies to others for the diversion from the forum's premise.

I wish I was better versed on the details and the vernacular. Essentially, BANKs are publicly-held corporations; "owned" by their stockholders, but really controlled by a few powerful people/families/private-interests all of which are only interested in profit to them NOT the depositors (customers like you and me). Most profits "leave" the institution. True, depositors may also buy shares, but they will virtually never have any substantive say in the business, and they are entirely at the mercy of the major stockholders and/or the powerful executives.

CREDIT UNIONS by contrast are essentially private corporations owned entirely by the depositors/customers (shareholders/members) - any one of which may submit themselves for consideration as a board member. Profits do not "leave" the institution, but return to the shareholders. In addition, Credit Unions have higher restrictions on them - for instance they must retain higher "reserves" (they can't over leverage themselves as much as Banks) - which protects their members. They have virtually the same "Deposit Insurance," and they enjoy a little better tax treatment as a tax-paying entity.

The BANKS have been attacking Credit Unions for quite some time. About 30 years ago, the banks wanted access to the CU's reserves; A Senator from Oregon was one of the lead defenders. More recently, the banks have been petitioning the Gov't to remove their favored tax status of CU's, largely because CUs have been gaining ground - especially after the recent economic debacle. I believe the Banks 'lost' in both cases.

There was actually a national, grass-roots "dump your bank" day a couple of years ago that saw thousands of depositors withdraw from Banks and move their funds to Credit Unions (I don't recall what the $ figures were); the Banks were quite displeased - they got the memo, but not the message.

There is an organization that rates credit unions, I could search some info and get it to you if you would like. Like anything, some credit unions are better than others... I actually participate in two of them - one is my primary and is not the one most people who know me would expect me to use; THAT one seems to want to be a bank! A little example: with my primary I can pay my credit card on-line, and it's paid - immediately. Same action with the other CU is subject to a 3 to 5-day delay.

I hope this helps.
Jul 6th 2013 new
Thank you! God bless!
Jul 6th 2013 new
(quote) Katherine-137883 said: I don't hate Obama. I just think his policies are destroying America faster than his predecessors and I think his moral compass is in the toilet. But I try to pray for him as opposed to hating him.
Amen! We must avoid hate. We may Judge and Condemn an individual's actions, but we must endeavor to forgive and pray for the Soul.
Jul 6th 2013 new
One president had a hard time with this one did not .

It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible"
Jul 6th 2013 new
AUTHOR: Benjamin Franklin (170690) QUOTATION: Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.
Jul 6th 2013 new
(quote) William-607613 said: Florian,

If the country crashes, most of the people you know and probably you yourself will be dead within two weeks. Look at the pictures of the aftermath of Tropical Storm Sandy or Hurricane Katrina and you can begin to get an idea of what life would be like without gasoline, food, water, or electricity. Take away any semblance of authority, and there you have "post-crash" America.

If you have any friends or relatives anywhere else in the world, be very nice to them; you may need them, because you would be far better off there than here (and it doesn't matter where "there" is).

It has been many decades since we have been self-sustaining citizens who lived on farms and had the skills and the wherewithal to tough a situation out and survive. I don't think anyone has any idea of what a crash would look like. The idea that we will all simply get together and put together a new government is absurd; the Civil War would look like a birthday party in comparison.

Are you thus suggesting that we all should be preparing to run to nowhere land? We would be better off setting up a forum section for preparing to be able to survive stationary, as the "preppers" do. Of course, that was fun in the Y2k time period since it was fairly inexpensive then to obtain generators, and food storage materials but it is certainly less do-able with our increasing ages. Remember, our highways all belong to the government, our phone lines and conversations as well as internet communication are all legally ensured to keep our privacy nil with both phone and internet communication being compiled in files by the government if we are pro-firearms and freedom. Both will be shut down for use only by the government if there is a loss of our freedom. i admit that i am in fairly good physical health considering the fact that most of the meat we imbibe is filled with antibiotics since the cattle can't digest the corn any better than we can, the fruits and vegetables are altered mutations and poisoned by pesticides, plus any necessary medications are now only obtainable by prescription, but let's be realistic. If the country loses our freedom entirely since the majority have called for socialism to live off of others, wherever we are, we are stuck. There will be no leaving the country and probably no leaving each of our counties either.
Jul 6th 2013 new
(quote) Paul-866591 said: Just to make the picture even clearer about the latest unemployment figures.

We all know the figures, no matter what party is in office, do not present an accurate picture., for no other reason that people who are not working and are not actively seeking work are not counted as unemployed. Nevertheless, those figures are compiled in a consitent manner across all administrations.

However, a more complete examination of all the Governments data in this report shows the following.

1) This is now the longest stretch of 7.5% + unemployment on record.
2) Only 47% of adult Americans have full time jobs.
3) Only 58.7% of the adult civilian population is working at any job.

Now someone could argue that points 2 & 3 are misleading since the adult civilian populations include stay-at-home moms (Dads) Handicapped and other health challenged individuals whose infirmities preclude them from working, etc.

But granting them their objections and adjusting the figures for those cases still leaves those numbers at a disturbing high level.

If adult participation in the working force were at the same level as before this whole mess started, 9 million more Adults would be working than there are today.

So much for those deluded Obummer voters who believe that Democrats and Obummer are more concerned with the poor and average persons in our country.

Would a Republican, in the latest case Romney, be able to do better. Hard to say even though Romney has demonstrated an ability to succeed in the past, something that Obummer could not even convince a mentally challenged person to believe about himself.

I would argue, that no one, Republican or any of the fringe parties. could do worse. After all when Obummer, Pelosi, Barneke and the rest have done absolutely nothing right (and I am not just talking about economics) the worst anyone could do is to do exactly what this group of Yahoos has done.

Frankly, I don't believe any of the numbers put out by the Government.

I know so many people who have several jobs and I recently heard
someone say they had 5 part-time jobs, to be able to
pay their rent and support their family. No full time job with benefits for

That is what has happened to America.
Jul 6th 2013 new
(quote) David-870960 said: Michelle, good observations. I'm noticing the same. And BTW, Michelle, your last statement is not entirely accurate - the Bible addresses obedience to civil law, but I suspect you really mean to refer to "evil" or unjust law, such as that which would require Catholic institutions to provide contraceptive or abortion support. (NOTE that there is a sticky wicket in that realm... if that institution is accepting any sort of Government support ... camel's nose!)

Yes I did notice my error but there doesn't seem to be an edit button here. And yes, you clarified very well what I meant.
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