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Jul 10th 2013 new
(quote) PJ-841984 said: I used to not be able to sleep over the last 2 years, taking care of my elderly mom, & then after she died adjusting to a new place...recently I have finally been able to sleep & dream, mainly of future relationships & how they will be comforting to me.
Thank you for posting PJ. I still have trouble sleeping....and have ever since taking care of my very sick and elderly parents before they died. For instance I still wake up at 3:00 in the morning....and have, since my Mom was rushed to the night at the same time. Don't always dream though. And sometimes I just can't remember them~
Jul 10th 2013 new
This one has to do with my brother. We were talking today of the very hot temperatures here in Dallas/Ft Worth. (has been 100 or better for the last 3 days) It reminded him of a dream he had a couple of years ago. He said he dreamed he was standing in his driveway working on a truck he had. (If you knew this brother he wouldn't ever drive a truck...preferring IRL to drive a 370 Z) He said it was a very hot day and he was wearing a white tank top/undershirt and jeans. (this brother also never wears those type of undershirts...none of us do!) He was sweating profusely.and working in vain to get this truck running. (he would never work on a vehicle either!) He said one of the ex-Dallas Cowboys (Roger Staubach) pulled up out front and got out of an expensive car. (In reality...that particular house was not real far from where the ex-superstar lived) He said Roger said, "What are you doing?" He said, "What does it look like I'm doing? I'm trying to get this old raggedy truck going!" lol! He said Roger then said, "Well I'll stay and help" He said "Good. I was gonna see if you would help me put your engine in this truck!!" ha! lol! My brother said he woke up when Roger was about to answer! I told him..."Good thing...I know what the answer would have been although that is a CRAZY dream and he might have said, YES!"
Jul 11th 2013 new
I drempt that I was living in one of my childhood homes, located in largo FL. I was so happy to be back in that house. I went outside to look at the landscaping then saw a long board propped up against the house. The further I walked I came upon my canopy bed frame also propped up against the front of the house. I went back into the house to tell my mom it was there and she replied with yes, your father left it there for bulk pick up.

I believe I had that dream because bulk pick up day was coming and I had been trying to gather things to put out for it. That dream made an impression on me though.

Another dream I had recently was that my daughter and her husband had moved in with me. Upon arising in the morning I couldn't walk down my hallway due to the boxes. Belhaj had stacked the boxes up to the ceiling, side by side, leaving no room to pass by. I asked him why he didn't put those boxes in the den then I woke up. That was a nightmare and in reality, they won't be living with me. My daughter is packing and storing her things now for her move to Hollywood, FL at the end of this month. Then, she will be flying to Itlay to meet up with her husband for a possible move there. Had to throw this in so you'd know this move in with me would never happen.
Jul 11th 2013 new
That's not a dream - it is a nightmare. I do hope it is not the recurring type.
Jul 11th 2013 new
One time I had a dream about the two childhood pets we had. One was a full-blooded Springer Spaniel...and the other a Collie/Retriever mix. They had died years and years before. In the dream I dreamt I had died and was walking alone on a white road (yes looked like the one I mentioned in an earlier dream) The road came to a crossing. (once again...left, right..or straight ahead) I did not know which way to go until I saw these two childhood "best friends" running down the hill. The male "mutt" was on the left and "Lady" the Spaniel was on the right. They would run down the hill...shake their entire rear ends with joy....and then run back up. I might add the two of them were younger, friskier versions of what I remembered. They would repeat this process until I proceeded straight up the white road.
When I told my Mom of this dream...she was like, " Oh bless their hearts. Who knows where they go? But I believe that dream was meant to be"
So folks if you ever have the "white road" should probably proceed straight!

Jul 11th 2013 new
(quote) Loretta-678584 said: Ok, three dreams came to mind right away. Today I had a dream about my Mom. She passed away in 2001 so I always love it when she shows up in my dreams. Nothing in particular happened that I can recall. The second dream was scary.i was traveling with some people. We were riding in a van. Some how after a stop, I got separated from the crowd and was left behind. I was carrying two throw pillows.... (odd I know but it was a dream) so, I proceeded to walk. As made my way to a crest of a hill I saw a mob of zombies coming up the hill... I looked around and obviously started walking in the opposite direction the whole time thinking in my head... Really? Zombies? I dont even watch these darn show! and oh... What the heck am I going to do with two darn throw pillows? All this logic and fear made me wake up! I couldn't make this kind of stuff up if it hadn't been a dream... The third one... God sang to me. In my Dream I knew every word to the song. When I woke up I could only recall the melody. I spent all day humming it. Later that night I located the song and all it's verses. YOU ARE MINE
You Are Mine!!
One of my very favorite songs! So reassuring.
Jul 12th 2013 new
love the song ....with the words of dream a little dream for me in it.
Jul 17th 2013 new
I really love Elvis in real life, I bought everything I could Elvis and I even when to Graceland but that was several years later....

The night before Elvis Died, I I had a dream that someone wanted to kill him, I called him and he was performing and could not come to the phone, and I woke up. Next day it was all over the news Elvis had died...
Jul 23rd 2013 new
Had the strangest dream last night. I dreamt Jim (downstairs) and I were throwing a football we used to when we were in high school and later. (we played together) Jim was throwing the "bullets" he used to throw. (I imagine not as hard now that he is 62 and has had two shoulder surgeries.) The weird thing was...we were on top of a skyscraper with astroturf on top! No railing or barrier...or anything. He kept telling me it was and "NFL" football (expensive) and for me not to drop it! I said, "Jim...I can't go for one near the will just have to fall! because I'm not!" lol! He then threw one I had to jog for....near the edge. I remember feeling so dizzy in the dream...when I caught it before it went over. I quickly leaned backward to keep from going over myself. This dream woke me up! (my....I'm feeling dizzy now just thinking about it!) So after I caught it I said "No more, Jim!" wide eyed irked laughing I'm gonna have to get his reaction today when I tell him!
Jul 23rd 2013 new
Never having a mechanical problem again in my life I know it won't happen but hey I can dream.
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