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Jul 4th 2013 new
(quote) Larry-979190 said: The Old Republic died at Gettysburg, and the Empire was born. A dark day.
It's even worse because those in power truly despise the South simply for being the South. For them, the Civil War never ended.

Worst of all is that it really never needed to have been fought at all.

Jul 4th 2013 new
(quote) Marianne-100218 said: Jessica:

As a member of a family who had forefathers fight on both sides, what do you
hear about the immediate families of those who fought? I would suspect that
information gets passed down from generation to generation.

Were they mad at those who fought on the opposing side? Or were they mad
at those from the opposing side who killed anyone on their side? It must be
a very mixed history in families when that happens.

Thank you for sharing all you have already shared. I have a lot of family in
Richmond and in Virginia and the Civil War still holds a prominent place in
their hearts.
Thank you, Marianne and you're most welcome!! From accounts I've read about families whose loved one(s) were fighting on the front lines, it was tough. The families, particularly the wives, were having to not only take care of the things they had to do, but they also had to do things their husbands would normally do. This was especially prevalent in farming families. They suffered greatly in their own right, and they should be remembered and commended too. Also, oftentimes they would be there to nurse the sick, wounded, and dying who were thrust into their houses if their house was situated in the middle of a battle. The women kept their boys stocked with food, clothing, and other necessities that they would need and could not get/could not afford to buy.

I am originally from the Richmond area myself, and I know that the war definitely still holds a dear place in my heart. When you think about it, 150 years ago really wasn't that long ago...

And you're definitely right about Vicksburg! It was fought simultaneously alongside Gettysburg. Both were played major roles in sealing the fate of the Confederacy and ensuring Union victory.

Jul 4th 2013 new
(quote) Philip-600116 said: To all

I spent a day at Gettysburg and I can still smell the cordite and hear the cries of the brave men that fought there. I shed copious tears that day as they came without my direction. I saw the smoke and saw the horrors that the conflict of war deposits upon the brave.

I have been a little sadden lately as the press have talked about the Greatest Generation and talk of Viet Nam. They talk about Desert Storm and Iraq and Afganistan. I was an Officer in Korea and in four years we lost more than 35000 men. My outfit alone sent 98 men home in boxes. Are we not honored and identified because it was called a Police Action and not a War? I can guarantee that when we are being shot at and loose so many , it is a War.

Pray that the end of any and all wars become but a memory in History.

God love all
God bless you, Philip, and thank you for your service!!
Jul 4th 2013 new
(quote) Peter-449116 said: Philip, I was a Navy photographer back in the sixties and seventies, and my service was like living in a country club compared to what you and countless others suffered through in that terrible war. Korea has been referred to as the forgotten war. Shame on us if we forget what you and your fellow soldiers valiantly gave for us all.

Perhaps someday we will heed President Eisenhower's warning about our military-industrial complex, now many times larger than then. It is the beast that needs continued war to feed it's insatiable appetite.

I will echo your prayer for the end of all wars.

God bless you too, Peter, and thank you for your service!
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