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Study Group for Lumen Fidei

Jul 5th 2013 new
As our Holy Father Pope Francis has just released his first papal encyclical and this being the year of faith, I wondered if maybe people wouldn't be interested in doing a study group or book club of sorts and reading through it together? We could do it in parts per week or two weeks and discuss portions together - I know encyclicals seem daunting but I've discovered you don't often need a deep theological background to get something out of reading one and I suspect many people hear can contribute what the rest of us lack! So, anyone in? How big should our chunks be? One or two paragraphs at a time? How long for each?
Jul 5th 2013 new
The paragraphs are grouped into sections. Maybe take a section at a time?
Jul 5th 2013 new
I would agree.

BTW, it is available as a PDF, so that anyone can download it and, if they want it in booklet form, have it printed at a nearby Kinkos or Staples.
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