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Jul 8th 2013 new
Ah. Guess people interested in that stayed silent about it on their profiles.

I added "old time radio shows" to my list (eliminating several others in order for the site to accept that addition), but it doesn't show up as a choice in the search drop-down list. irked
Jul 8th 2013 new
(quote) Jack-752986 said: I'll give a thumbs up for Red Green.

One of my favorite episodes has him fixing a leaking aquarium with duct tape.
But I've run out of room on my Favorites List.

How about Mean Joe Greene?

___________________ + = the breakfast of champions
Mean Joe was in a coke commercial that for decades was considered the greatest commercial ever made.
Jul 8th 2013 new
Can't find any Pacific Islander widows who went to trade school and usually attend an Eastern Liturgy. What's wrong with this site?
Jul 8th 2013 new
I like parsnips, they are good for what ails you.
Jul 8th 2013 new
That's before my time. I lived in Minneapolis from 1977-1978 and didn't hear about it.
Jul 8th 2013 new
(quote) Chris-906154 said: Can't find any Pacific Islander widows who went to trade school and usually attend an Eastern Liturgy. What's wrong with this site?
laughing laughing Comedy with an kernel of truth. If people's lists of must-haves were not so ridiculously narrow, we'd all be happily married by now.
Jul 8th 2013 new
I've never filled out the favorite things list, so I'm like a ninja in the seek-system.. there and yet... Not There. >.>

TLM for the win! ;)
Jul 8th 2013 new
u folks are hilarious and made me smile
Jul 8th 2013 new
Great idea Marge. (And why aren't these guys picking up on the red-headed woman from Maine? Ain't they got good taste?*) Someday I'm gonna lern myself to serch on this here CM, then Ill be smarter than a hiskool gryadutate!

*Marge dudn't kno it yet, but she owes me a choclat bar for this here advertizemeant.
Jul 8th 2013 new
(quote) Marge-938695 said: I did a CM "search for member" using no other criteria except "Favorite Things". And I found that I'm apparently the only one here who has that favorite thing.

Maybe I'll rewrite my profile with the opening line "now presenting the one and only"?

Try it yourself and see how many folks share your favorite interest. Report the results here.
without knowing about your post first I did a search for Biographys. there were many here who have that as an interest. Even a few from my area!
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