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Jul 13th 2013 new
Jerry I enjoy your thoughts and agree with the facts you present. I don't agree with idea that the church is doing this for $, someone has to create & maintain site! So maybe it is a numbers game but I want to be in it with people who believe in GOD, try to put him first, and enjoy all the little things GOD puts in our lives so we can find happiness.
Jul 14th 2013 new
Hello everybody! My regards from Canada!
I want to give my 2 cents for this question: I've been here since a while, now returning. I haven't found someone special yet but I've found the best friends ever! I think that the foundation of an ideal relationship is God, and a friendship inspired by him. I think CM helps to have a good start point, for sure you're going to meet Good catholic fellows, but if you pray and leave your heart in God's hands, this search takes more sense as the Lord has the control, and you don't.
Well, and one last idea, exactly I've read this quote in an advertisement: " instead of keep looking for the perfect mate, be yourself a perfect one first! " God bless you all!
Jul 14th 2013 new
(quote) Jim-986329 said: I joined this site to me people of my own faith and to become friends. Out of the 6 people I have sent a message to, 2 have responded. Maybe my expectations are to high. I joined this site last week by the way. Is 2 out of 6 what is the norm? Maybe I don't get it. Is this a CatholicMatch site? 2 out of 6 is great if your a baseball player ( batting 333). I am not a baseball player!

It will also greatly improve your response results if you post a picture. I do not respond to persons without a picture anymore - I've been burned too many times by giving people the benefit of the doubt. Lack of transparency in regard to the basic "what do you look like" question often means there will be other areas where one may feel the lack of trust.
Dec 18th 2013 new
I found this site advertised on the back of my church bulletin. I signed up because like many other dating sites that have false people, I could not relate or click with anyone..But at present after 3 months of being on this site, I have not been successful...I really believe that most men are afraid of commitment. They start chatting with me and they show an interest and then they stop..I don't understand it..I guess everything is Gods timing..Perhaps they read that I have a 14 year old boy living with me at home and it scares them away.. Well my son is my life and he comes with the package, so if they can't accept my son then don't even bother....
Dec 18th 2013 new
there's good people here, Nancy. Hang out in the forums for awhile and you will see. xmastree
Dec 18th 2013 new
(quote) Cynthia-864900 said: I joined this site so I could find someone with similar values, someone to trust, someone to go to church with...someone to love the greatest gift GOD gives us! First I wanted similarities and starting with GOD is my first priority. I have never done this before and I am unsure my profile defines the person I really am? Maybe there should be a section my typical day...I start my day with a walk to the beach, then my morning prayers, then determine the days priorities, trying to find time for fun with my children, each meal starts with prayers, etc... Any thoughts? Tips for my profile?
after a failed relationship, i found myself desperate joining dating sites. I took the initiative to subscribe for a one year subscription, since am not a standard member, am surprise with the responses I've got from my inbox, invites for chat's, asking for my email ,but most of them wants to scam , ask money and favors, there are who will ask you to show body parts in exchange of money and will really message you "dirty words" i thought foreign men has halo, (since my relatives and friends met their foreigner partner in dating sites too). One month before it expires, i permanently deleted my account there, because i join the site not for sex and to be scam, to really find someone who will help me mend my broken heart. Though i have bad experiences on that dating site it didn't stop me .. i tried CM for 6 mos, with the intention of finding a God fearing man, who will love me and not use me for his own purposes, at first am really confused of how the site works, lots of questions runs into my mind, no reply from those men whom i send emo's and messages, invites for chats but declined, since there's nothing wrong to take the first move i keep sending... Until i got few responses, like "thank you",
with that simple "thank you" i learned to appreciate little things, that desperation is not an answer to find someone, that healing takes time... On CM, i feel respected....
i still send emo's and birthday greetings with no expectation... am still here till Feb of 2014, i know that i won't renew not because i have no luck but because i believe my subscription doesn't end on finding someone, God will lead me to him whether am on this site or the outside world... Never stop discerning and praying..
Dec 18th 2013 new
Thanks Susan.. My subscription goes through April.. I shall see.. One male that I was conversing with on chat, is now no longer a member.. I am just wondering if he blocked me. It's just very strange and it goes to show you that you cant even trust what people write on their profile..
Dec 18th 2013 new
membership is due in less than a week, and i can say i will HAPPILY renew.
Dec 18th 2013 new
you're another breath of fresh air, Dave, GBU
Dec 19th 2013 new
I definitely think that what CM lacks in quantity it makes up for in quality. I find that the general "feel" of the site is very healthy and in fact enjoyable. It essentially allows us to feel like we are part of a community - quite nice!
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