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Jul 11th 2013 new
(quote) Loretta-678584 said: I want to be someones best friend and lover in marriage. In my profile I even say that I'm not in a hurry and I'd like to be friends and see if things can bloom into more... in my mind there is a difference between telling someone that I want to be "just" friends and saying, I want to be friends first and see if it can grow... Does that make any sense? Maybe I need to be educated

Well said.
Jul 12th 2013 new
It depends on that person.They might be coming off a poor relationship or have somebody else,in mind.

Jul 12th 2013 new
They are not attracted to you! I agree when you start a relationship shouldn't it be because there is attraction. Like love at first site. For instance are we here to make a lot of friends? I like friends don't get me wrong, but would stay friends with all the opposite sex friends you make? Would your other half be ok with it, I seriously doubt it. Why not be clear from the beginning, that way both parties know where they stand. LIFE EXPERIENSIS FOR SOME OF US KNOWING WHERE WE STAND CAN MAKE IT OR BREAK IT. It is hard to know who the right one is.
Jul 12th 2013 new
It sort of depends on what stage of "knowing you" they are when they tell you they just want to be friends. The variables can be many.
Some variables might be...
If it's said to you on first written encounter on this site (or any other one) then they probably want to go slow and be friends first.
If it's said after more written "back and forths" they probably aren't interested beyond friendship.
Add a phone chat or two to multiple "back and forths" and still 'friendship only'...accept it as a 'friends only' and make up your mind whether you can be friends only with this person.
If it's said after a F2F then it may (or may not!!) be that they aren't sexually attracted but would still entertain a friendship.
Or....they may just not know how to tell you that they aren't "into" you at all and figure that suggesting friendship is a kinder blow-off than "get lost"!!!
Or....they may be like I am with a status on this site of "seeking friendship only" and figure a reminder may be in order!
Or....etc, etc., etc.
Jul 12th 2013 new
They are just simply saying "They are Not that Into You" and just a nice way of saying don't bug me!

I used to have that in my profile start out as Friends, blah, blah, blah, but then I realized I do sound like Kenny mentioned and do not contact me without Extreme Caution when approaching, haha. I wouldn't call it starting out as friends but dating, dating to see if there is a compatibility, and then move into the friend/the one zone. I mean seriously, if you date and it don't work out, could you still be just "Friends"? Not too often, but maybe. My friends mean the world to me and I can talk to them about anything and starting out as friends would be too Bold. Again, I would call it dating. Don't need more junk email;)

Good luck ya'll.

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