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Heads Up

Jul 10th 2013 new
i was just in Women's Discussion where when i attempted leaving a reply, it left the reply numerous times (at least a page-worth, maybe more), so if anyone knows how to kill all but one of those, i'd love to know since the reply wasn't that in depth or intelligent anyway?
Jul 10th 2013 new
Hi Marie..
you can send a message to one of the female Mods- Bernadette-874299 ,, and ask her to remove the duplicate posts, or if you prefer you
can simply submit a "help Ticket" and one of the Admin Staff will remove them. Thanks biggrin Praying
Jul 10th 2013 new
Dave, maybe you know why multiple posts can happen like that? Is it that, after hitting "submit post", the little wheel keeps spinning, and the poster thinks the computer got stuck or something? The wheel delay happens occasionally to me. Sometimes I navigated to another page, then look back to where I was trying to post to, and my post is there, but sometimes it is not. I don't know enough about computers to handle such little surprises.

And CM's server seems to be going down a lot lately. Why does that happen, do you know?
Jul 10th 2013 new
Hi Marie, I hid your duplicate posts.

Lina, when this happens, it means that someone clicked multiple times. To avoid this, one can wait for the content to be submitted without clicking the submit button again. The loading time can be affected by many things such as the amount of traffic on the site at that time, the length of the post, and the speed of one's own internet connection, processes or other programs on the computer..there are countless possibilities.
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