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Aug 20th 2013 new
(quote) Lesil-840134 said: Hi, Jerry, Are you suggesting the solution is to segregate (by sex) the swimming location? If yes, I think it's not a solution but another issue that will create more problems than resolve the issue on modesty. I think in the end, God will not judge us by what we wore but more so by what's in our heart. God bless. Lesil
How does it create more problems? Is swimming a necessity of life? What is the worst that will happen if you never go to the beach again?

> God will not judge us by what we wore but more so by what's in our heart

Are the different?

Aug 21st 2013 new
(quote) Michelle-443439 said: Don't know if it is just me, but your response makes no sense beyond the first paragraph.
This book may help you understand the principles better:

Aug 21st 2013 new
(quote) Joan-529855 said: Where to draw the line? It is certainly not rocket science ; but then again rocket science may be easier to figure out than some people's way of thinking.
Essentially if you determine that swim wear is "SWIM WEAR" and that the attire is to be used for SWIMMING ONLY, otherwise a "cover up" is required. The cover up would require that the shoulders and knees be covered (the same as the Catholic School requires for appropriate attire). A women's attire should require that knees and shoulders be covered at all times, EXCEPT when swimming. There is nothing puritanical about this dress requirement. It is the same as when I was a child and only changed in the "liberated 70's". As Matt pointed out earlier, many times it is not so much the lack of cloth covering the woman's body, but the sensual movement of the body that can cause a man to sin. It is the woman's responsibility to not tempt the man with her body, or she too has sinned.
First you state that its not rocket science about where to draw the line...then you mention that swim wear should be for swimming only. Fine---but people swim at the beach,they swim in rivers,lakes,streams.people go boating--which requires them to get in the water and swim to maintain the boat or engage in recreation like waterskiing etc. -Its not so limited.
Why should a womans shoulders be covered up?? Who decided that KNEES should be covered up?? That's a very puritanical protestant type of belief system.
Then you contradict yourself (and rightly so) by pointing out Matts point that its not so much the lack of cloth covering the womans body but the sensual movement...-I actually agree with you there.

You gave your particular opinion of what is appropriate for a woman to wear.And you have the perfect right to state your opinion. But that doesn't make your opinion the standard of what is appropriate,And it doesn't make your opinion correct or incorrect.
Aug 21st 2013 new
I was swimming yesterday and a family was there with long pants and shirts and head coverings on the women and shirts and longer than normal bottoms on the men -- they were going off the diving board, frolicking in the water together, swimming in the deep and shallow ends.
Not once did I see any of them have to 'rearrange' their clothing to be comfortable or modest.
The women and girls in bikinis, two-piece strapless, or fashionably cut-out or low-cut had to spend as much time 'rearranging' as doing any moving at all. I love the suit I have now because it requires no rearranging yet gives me full range of movement for all activities in the water.
I talk to my 4 daughters about choosing clothing and swimsuits and explain to them that if a certain article of clothing needs readjusted or repositioned when the wearer moves, it's not modest. It's just one little test to help discern modesty in attire. So many bathing suits need constant readjustment to keep parts covered!
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