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Jul 30th 2013 new
Happy Birthday Dan! Happy Birthday!

I think the more a person reads the forums, the wiser they become, and then can make a clear decision if they really want marriage or remarriage.

There is a lot to discern, and reading the forums carefully can be quite enlightening and can be a rude awakening.

Aug 1st 2013 new
(quote) Dan-882797 said: Bohdan,

As many have replied, I think it depends upon how you use the site. It sounds like you've indicated in your profile what your intentions are. Oddly enough, I had to do some thorough investigating to learn what the teachings of the Church are on dating before an annulment is granted. You would think it would be pretty widely known but it's not. The Deacon who submits the annulment applications in our parish didn't even know. What I finally learned is that it's considered adultery to date before an annulment is granted because you are still married in the eyes of the Church. That being said, I think we must be very careful not to commit that sin by becoming over involved with someone before the annulment is granted. I agree with what many others have said in stating that the site is a great place to learn from the wisdom of other believers in the Catholic faith. I've made some great friends on CM and I've learned and shared a lot of information. I have attended some great meet-ups and have met some wonderful people both male and female who I consider friends. So, I believe the site has great value other than just to meet a potential match. I am a little perplexed though by the number of people who are actively seeking a dating relationship who have not been granted and don't even appear to be seeking their annulment.

God bless you in your annulment process,

Thank you Dan;
It is not a matter of dating before annulment. The issue here in uncertainty of being granted the annulment. I would feel like I'd rather to avoid becoming very close to a woman, perhaps even falling in love, just to find out that my current marriage cannot be a subject to annulment.
Such course of events cold ve very painful to me, and the lady.
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