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This room is for those who have lost a spouse and need support or who can provide support to those who have.

Saint Paula is the patron saint of widows and Saint Stephen is the patron saint of deacons
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Aug 3rd 2013 new
Not at all. It means that you have both successfully completed the letting-go period. She is in God's Hands and you are exactly where you are supposed to be at this point in your life.
Aug 4th 2013 new
I thought I would share this,It's a song that touched me and gives encouragement.
One Sweet Day.
Aug 6th 2013 new
This isn't a story about a spouse but it is a story about someone I Mom. When my Mom passed away, i didn't initially struggle with grief. My mom and I had many conversations about our faith and love of God so I was glad that she was finally NOT suffering and that she was at last finally meeting the God that she loved so much! I began to have real heartache about three months after her passing. At that point it was about me... not her anymore. My son who was eleven at the time, after some sharing on my part of my missing her, said that I should just pray to her since she obviously knew everything I was going through anyway. (I was proud of him) About a year after her passing I had a huge prayerful moment with my mom. I pour out my love for her, my want for her, my exciitment for her, my sorrow in missing her, the ways life was getting to me about her... on and on I pour out my soul to my mom. This outpouring took place very early in the morning. It was a Friday ( how fitting to share sorrow on a Friday) anyway, I had a job that night. I didn't like the job. It was creepy. It was a weekend over night security job and I had to wear a uniform. They made me hem the pants. ( know how) My attitude was so bad about it that I had barely tacked up the hem. As I got dressed for work that night, I grabbed the pants that I'm sure were just thrown on the dresser and as I put them on...I felt something in that tacked up hem. I thought... uuggh I dont have time for this but I fished around in the hem and found something. I knew exactly what it was! Years before when I had lived in Maine, my mom had sent me this little box that I was now holding in my hand. It is a piece of wood that is wrapped up in wrapping paper with a tiny ribbon and a laminated note attached to it. I knew what it said, but of course i re read it and I will share it with you.... "This is a special present that you can never see. The reason it's so special is, it's sent to you from me. You never can unwrap it. Please keep the ribbon tied. it's just a small reminder. It's filled WITH LOVE INSIDE! I thought I'd hit the floor.!!!! That morning... I had poured my heart out to my Mom... and that night... here was this reminder in my hands of the love she felt for me! I didnt pray for a sign, but God was good and gracious! I got THE MESSAGE! Love... is eternal! It has no boundaries! God bless all of you who have lost spouses. May God peace fill you, May He increase your ability to hope in each new day, May he add greater faith to your graces. Most importantly may He fill your heart with His GREAT love to the point of over flowing! amen!
Aug 12th 2013 new
No, that is not what it means. Our spouses are different so the communication is different. Mine knows I need his reassurance. Yours may feel that will affect you adversly. God gives us what we need and can handle.
Aug 12th 2013 new
What a very touching story about your message from your Mom.
Aug 12th 2013 new
This is a great topic!
My husband died suddenly almost 13 years ago, on the night before my birthday. We were married only 10 months. My honeymoon never ended. During those surreal moments when the doctors were trying to revive him I had this wild conversation with God, almost in denial, telling Him he was in charge and I wasn't worried, but also offering him my husband if He wanted it. I don't know how I had to guts to do that. I was strangely calm when I heard the news of his death, maybe shock, and did everything to calm everyone else. A few days later, when I could finally sleep again, I took a short nap, and had the most incredible dream. I couldn't see anything, but I had a long conversation with my husband. He told me he was in heaven, and thanked me for getting him there. He said that I "gave him to heaven so well they had to take me, right away." He told me wonderful things about heaven, "heaven is full of friends", and made me laugh. He promised he would look after me, and keep talking to me. It took me years to recover from his death, but to this day he still sends me reminders to say he's still there. There many "reminders" in the first few years. On New Years after our wedding, he hung up calendars around the house and promised he would not forget our anniversary. He picked up the month page where our anniversary was to show me that he pasted flowers around the date. Seeing them on what would have been my first anniversary haunted me. I kept seeing him in the kitchen with a bouquet from the supermarket, that he often got, putting a vase on the kitchen table. On the day of my anniversary, I found a vase of 10 red roses on the front porch, one for each month we had together, with a card that read "love forever, Bob's messenger service". One of my sisters living in another state, "saw" the flowers, as she was driving home from work the night before and had to send them. For those who are still married, I think this "gift" that sweetens a tough loss comes as a grace of wedding vows.
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