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The story of Abraham and Sarah is told in chapters 11-25 of the book of Genesis.
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Jul 24th 2013 new
(quote) Jim-397948 said: 53 + 45 = 98. Ok when I die go to PJ Finnegans in Westwood and Drink...I want to go out with a blast by leaving $5000 on the bar to buy a few rounds of drinks....
Ok Jim,
here's the plan:
we will all meet you up at P.J. Finnegans in Westwood on Saturday night......
and drink until there IS no tomorrow....or no more money.....
(Understand now, that after 2 drinks I'll probably be a giggly, sleepy, girlie trying to cuddle up somewhere for a nap!)

Jul 24th 2013 new
(quote) Beverly-649723 said: Another 60 + 45 = 105 here, and I'd say, "Fine with me! Bring me my mate and let's rock & roll...

PLEASE, DON'T DO TO ME LIKE YOU DID TO SARAH AND ABRAHAM" - - (I just don't think I'd survive another set of teenagers...)
You win the prize!! Beverly!

And to think I was only thinking age and being single the whole time!
I wouldn't mind rockin' and rollin' with a husband for 45 years. That would help make up for the past 30+ years of being VERY single!
Jul 28th 2013 new
Awesome................another 45 to serve Jesus and the church!!
Jul 29th 2013 new
Surprise most folks in my family don't make it much past 78. Though I hope my dad does he's 72 and seems to be doing ok. Heart issues, high blood pressure, cancer or Diabetes get most them.
Jul 29th 2013 new
That would be 98 for Dennis... Thats cool as long as I could retire before then... hehe... My daughter and son would be close to retirement age... That means that I could have some great grand children or even great great grandchildren...
Jul 29th 2013 new
Way cool ... so now how does God want me to use it?
Jul 29th 2013 new
"What if , at age eighteen , the Angel of the Lord came and told me ; Al ---"
I'm applying this to a personal experience which I think all of you will understand; perhaps others have had a similiar experience.

It was exactly at this time of year in 1953 when I had my first job at a shipyard on Indian Harbor in Greenwich Ct. Indian Harbor is where the Town of Greenwich operates a ferry between a dock on Indian Harbor and "Island Beach" a Town recreational area in the form of an island on Long Island Sound three miles from shore. The Manhattan sky-line is quite visible on a clear day , and during the "Summer of '53" I would see the Island Beach ferry pass by the shipyard.

It was only yesterday when I road the ferry to swim at Island Beach , my favorite place during the Summer. On the return-trip I gazed at where the shipyard , now long-gone , once was, and I happened to have this thought-- what if , it 1953 , while at the shipyard, the Angel of the Lord appeared to me , pointed at the Island Beach boat passing by and said-------" Al, sixty years from now, you will be riding on that boat!"
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