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Jul 22nd 2013 new
In real life(out there) I am making a bigger effort to see who God has brought into (and I into theirs) my path
each day.It is amazing if you try.
I believe there are so many missed opportunities by not making the effort to speak to those around us.
Yeah, alright on a good day though..
Jul 22nd 2013 new
I talk to strangers all the time! Being a bit of an impulsive talker makes it almost impossible for me not to talk to others when standing in line or in close proximity. Using the conversation is easily welcomed, but I'm sure a few have found me strange.

I think the easiest way to set someone at ease is to find some compliment about them, the setting or the day in general. It's pretty fun to make people smile!

Jul 22nd 2013 new
(quote) Dawn-58330 said: I spent the weekend with about a dozen of my CM friends, all of whom were complete strangers to me six years ago. I love my time with these beautiful people (CM--particularly the fora-- has a way of collecting awesome men and women!) and I want to meet more! After all I am still looking to for my future husband.

This weekend I struck up three conversations with total strangers at the Reds game we attended. Not that these men were men I expected to be able to know beyond those conversations about sports, Cincinnati, or local culture, but it was nice to talk at length with each of them. I decided again that this is good practice for meeting my future man. Something I need to do more of. Even though I am outgoing and a good communicator, I do need to push myself in more venues to talk with men I don't know.

Do you strike up conversations with total strangers? How do you respond to a stranger who initiates a conversation with you (like I did this weekend?) Where do these kind of encounters happen for you?

Strangers of the opposite sex? I do , but not as often. You are right, I need to practice also. It's good not put all the eggs in one (dating) basket aka just CM.
Jul 22nd 2013 new
Not as often as I should.
But then, nearly everyone seems like a stranger to me, because I have a terrible memory for faces. Can't tell you how many times I've introduced myself to someone only to find that she and I have worked on five or six projects before, or sat next to each other at a social event the previous week. rolling eyes

Great post, Dawn. thumbsup
Jul 22nd 2013 new
i don't usually initiate conversations with total strangers.I would exchange simple greetings .However if I'm in a group eg swimming class,teacher's group,church groups,CM,I would feel more comfortable
If someone walks up to speak to me I would respond.Once it's not offensive I would continue the conversation.

Jul 22nd 2013 new

Many years ago I had a puppet made that would fit on my shoulder,,,kind of like the ones ventriloquists use....

I'd fasten him,,,,his name was Wilbur,,and we'd go to the stores and The Park together and talk out loud to each other...Some people thought we were crazy,,,some laughed and laughed with us....but me and Wilbur had a ball....

When my wife was with us she would walk 20 feet behind as she wanted no part of the shananigans...But later she also became a part of the act...

People would talk more to the dummy Wilbur,,, than they woud to me....Wilbur always said that He was the one made of wood,,,but that I,,,Kenny,,,was the real actual dummy..Me thinks he was correct...
Jul 22nd 2013 new
Having Aspergers, makes conversing very hard. I'm not shy, but I generally don't talk unless I have something relevant to say about something relevant (I hope that makes sense). Generally, you don't know anything about a stranger so you don't know what topics they would like to talk about it and I hate making small talk. I tell people that if I went to hell, I'd be forced to make small talk for eternity :)
Jul 23rd 2013 new
Dawn - I thought about putting some smart-mouth reply in here about being shy and rarely talking to anyone.....but..... you know me too well, I'd never get away with it! laughing laughing rolling eyes

So Yes Lady Dawn - I talk to pretty much everyone. I've met some of the most interesting people that way! I usually inject humor in some way - it's wonderful to make people laugh and/or smile. I find most people fascinating. I'm sure having had a career in sales helps me to not give it a second thought - I don't really even think about it, I just TALK.
Jul 23rd 2013 new
(quote) Kenny-949632 said:

... that would fit on my shoulder,,,
Puppets lack balance. For them, every topic of conversation is a jaw dropper. After a while, putting up with their emotional intensity can become painful.
Jul 23rd 2013 new
Do Samaritan women draw water from the public well well into the day? Acknowledge strangers to make them feel special and let them acknowledge you to let them feel good. "Preach; if necessary, use words": acknowledge; if necessary, use conversation.
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