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Discussion related to living as a Catholic in the single state of life. As long as a topic is being discussed from the perspective of a single Catholic then it will be on-topic.

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Jul 25th 2013 new
Thanks, Josephine. I know he's stoked about moving there.

Good, I hope to attend some TLMs while there. If I go to Mass alone (my brother is atheist), then I'll go to the liturgy I prefer.
Jul 25th 2013 new
I talk to a lot of strangers-in the course of my work day, as well as in the store shopping. For some reason people always seem to ask me for help: help picking out a nice card for a baptism, what kind of flour to buy for baking a cake, where are the cooking bags, you name it. I guess I look helpful. I don't mind talking to strangers plus I can usually find someone to hang out with when I go to conferences alone. Walking my dog attracts a lot of attention and I try to smile at everyone I see, so often people will say hello to me even if we don't know each other.
Jul 28th 2013 new
(quote) Lina-796057 said:

I'm glad you often mention the friendships you have made through CM, Dawn! That is a blessing, isn't it? That's how I feel about the friends I've made from the couple of CM events I've organized.

I do strike up conversations with strangers, depending on the situation. If I see someone feeling uncomfortable in a particular social setting, I'll go and chat so he or she won't feel out of place. I might ask something of someone in a store. But I don't initiate it too often anymore. The strike-outs (the couple of times I saw that the person did not want to talk with me) shamed me into timidity. However, I think I am polite and warm with those who come up and chat with me. Except for the scammers in grocery store parking lots who wander over to beg a few dollars.

Thanks, Lina. My CM friends are a huge blessing in my life. I am very grateful for them.

Unfortunately the scammers and rude people do tend to sap courage out of many of us. I like to believe they will be accountable to Jesus for their lack of hospitality. I try to brush if off, not taking it all personally. It can't be personal, after all; they don't personally know me and have rejected me.
Jul 28th 2013 new
(quote) Helen-450889 said: It is quite easy for me to talk to strangers. I meet new people every day. I have been very fortunate to have made good friends by talking to strangers.
Yep. Me too, Helen. And I can't recall a time I've regretted it.
Jul 28th 2013 new
(quote) Chris-906154 said: Not since my mother told me not to.
Unfortunately one of my favorite books as a kid was "Never Talk To Strangers." Decent advice to protect children. Bad practice for a single adult who is meant to be social.
Jul 28th 2013 new
(quote) Joseph-903200 said: Depending on the setting I usually can strike up a conversation with someone else. And if someone tries to strike up a conversation with me I always strive to respond in kind no matter how I'm feeling. There are no strangers only potential new friends or acquaintances.
I think a part of growing is to get out of our comfort zone once in a while so I have been working on being approachable.
Excellent! I completely agree!
Jul 28th 2013 new
(quote) Katie-985000 said: I talk to strangers all the time! Being a bit of an impulsive talker makes it almost impossible for me not to talk to others when standing in line or in close proximity. Using the conversation is easily welcomed, but I'm sure a few have found me strange.

I think the easiest way to set someone at ease is to find some compliment about them, the setting or the day in general. It's pretty fun to make people smile!

Katie, thank you for the reminder about complimenting others! Spreading good cheer should be a primary objective of Christians!
Jul 28th 2013 new
(quote) Reena-961146 said:
Strangers of the opposite sex? I do , but not as often. You are right, I need to practice also. It's good not put all the eggs in one (dating) basket aka just CM.
So, Reena, where else should we practice on a day to day basis? biggrin
Jul 28th 2013 new
(quote) Marge-938695 said: Not as often as I should.
But then, nearly everyone seems like a stranger to me, because I have a terrible memory for faces. Can't tell you how many times I've introduced myself to someone only to find that she and I have worked on five or six projects before, or sat next to each other at a social event the previous week.

Great post, Dawn.
Thanks, Marge!hug
Jul 28th 2013 new
(quote) Chris-427945 said: Nah, I don't talk with strangers (i.e. start up conversations with them), but I am usually the guy that strangers initiate small talk with while standing in line, etc. I don't like making small talk with people, but I will politely respond to strangers and will listen to whatever they have to say, anyway. I used to have to try hard to avoid giving off a 'stop talking to me/go away' vibe with chatty strangers, but now I find I enjoy lending a friendly ear to good-natured, sociable people and figure this can be a potential way to practice charity toward others.
Chris, I like the positive, charitable attitude you apply to the situations you don't care for. Thank you for sharing this!
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