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Jul 24th 2013 new
To handle rejection, click alt delete, next. Easier on line than in real life. In my younger days it wasn't easy to take rejection, now I just say " I really don't care and life is to short to worry about it.)
Jul 24th 2013 new
(quote) Trish-977181 said: I think it's safe to say that we get rejected on this site much more than we do in "real life"
Not everyone we are interested in or message or send an emote will reciprocate in a good way, if at all.
I actually had a guy outright insult me!
How do you handle it? I get upset for a minute and then try and move on, or stay away for a day or two.
What do you do? How do you not take it personally?

I try not to take it personal. I'd like to think I'd rather know sooner rather than later so that I can swim away biggrin
Jul 24th 2013 new
I have had some that did not respond.I take it with a grain of salt .I feel if God wants a union it will happen & if it doesn't it is usually for the best.I have corresponded with one man that makes me feel alive & comfortable.
Jul 24th 2013 new
Dear Trish, OMG, is that ever so true. I have walked that beaten path so much in my life, and sure enough face to face. Yes it stings, yes it hurts, and yes it can make you feel worthless.
What the heck. But you know Trish you and I cannot control how people feel about us.
I even had a woman tell me I am not macho enough, hmmmm. Ok now that is a rather intense insult. Also I was a new Veteran after Viet Nam, and conservative, that was a no no as well.
What do you do during rejection, first I know that Christ Loves me and believes in me. also it may also depend on the type of person you are gettng to know. I did something different in the last few years. Swab the decks Mike, you cant cry over everything.
I started to do things which I enjoyed, I made my own self improvements - for - my own happiness. I kept myself busy, and got into hobbies and activities that made me happy.
I met new people and new friends. "I love anything Hsitorical and gardening and theater.

Recently I had begun to see my faith in a very different light, which endowed me a new strength. A new purpose and reaching out to other people
Soon rejection will be seen in a new perspective, hey look at this way Trish, your a great lady, it will be his loss.
Blessings to You
Jul 24th 2013 new
I almost anticipate rejection not only online but even if we end up meeting a couple of times. I get a bit frustrated only because it seems like you never even get a chance to show who you are. Its all a matter of perspective I'd still take getting rejected over sitting on my hands hoping something happens.
Jul 24th 2013 new
Well sometimes I receive a message or two of which I respond and then puff that is it. I never receive another. I don't take it personally at all. That is just the way it goes.
Jul 24th 2013 new

I'm sorry that this happened to you! Rejection is hard to deal with, no matter if in real life or online, but I have to say that after some months on CM I've become less sensitive to rejection on here than I was at first. So, it will probably get easier for you! boggled The fact is, unless someone chooses to let you know just why they are rejecting you, one cannot assume why the person has decided not to give you a chance - it could be for a myriad of reasons, some of them having nothing to do with you. So, accept that this person is not interested and move on. God bless you!
Jul 24th 2013 new
I never consider it as any personal insult or reflection of my worth.

I acknowledge that - for whatever reason, (usually one can't pinpoint actually WHY) - they do not feel, or I do not find myself feeling - enough of a pull to want to continue exploring a potential / or romantic relationship.

We simply are not attracted to every member of the opposite sex, thank goodness, or things would get very weird. eyepopping laughing I meet new people constantly, but it's rare for me to feel a spark, or that special pull. It's nobody's fault, no one is in the wrong, or flawed, nobody treated the other badly, or led them on while getting to know them and build a friendship through various communications, WHATEVER the reason - we simply aren't a romantic match. Period.

So, ideally, we should wish each other well, and move along. Consider each encounter like that as one more step on the road to your future! It's PROGRESS!

One big point I want to make - if you do not get a reply online - assume they are not a paying member, therefore, they are unable to reply. Then LET IT GO. Don't automatically think they are rude or find you unattractive. That's actually judging THEM, isn't it?

One saying I've always liked: Sometimes 'rejection is God's protection'

Finally - what or how other people think of me is none of my business. Don't give strangers the power to cause you to feel bad about yourself for any reason. YOU know your worth, you know your strengths - be your biggest cheerleader and get back out there! rose hug
Jul 24th 2013 new
(quote) Ann-69118 said: LOL I once had a guy ask me during a chat session if I was a guy.....just because I like camping, hiking and outdoors in general.....oh well we obviously weren't a match anyway. I digest it and move on. Life is too short to worry much over it especiallly on the internet.
Oh Anne, he must have been a real bore. Who wants a man who doesn't have the scent of gunpowder coming from him instead of the mall? (Ok, i guess the gunpowder scent isn't vital but i do detest stores). i had a friend ask me to go shopping with him the other day and my reply was, "You don't really like me as a person, do you?"
Jul 24th 2013 new
Pray for the person who dumped me that she finds someone better than me
do not stay hhome
get busy
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