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Discussion related to living as a Catholic in the single state of life. As long as a topic is being discussed from the perspective of a single Catholic then it will be on-topic.

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Jul 25th 2013 new
(quote) Roystan-340472 said:

If your husband is in Heaven, he will have become what is called a saint.

We are taught that saints intercede with God for people who are still on Earth. You can trust, therefore, that your husband is praying to God for the welfare of yourself and of the children brought to life by the both of you. He has certainly not forgotten his wife and his children.

We are taught that all of Heaven rejoices when a single sinner repents. This means not only that saints know what is happening on Earth, they are also cheering like spectators at a sporting match for the team of people still alive on Earth to win against the rival team of the devil and his angels. Not only is he praying for you and your children, he is joyful when you please God and sad when you have a lapse.

As a frail and limited human, there will be times despite your love for your husband when thoughts of him will slip from your mind as you attend to other things, eg., when you are driving in busy traffic. Unlike you, your sainted husband will be vigorous, tireless and capable of near unlimited concentration and focus. Because of the Love that exists in heaven, Love being the imitation of how God chooses to behave towards himself and all components of his creation, youir husband, looking at what God is doing, will try to imitate God's own love for you. He won't be able to match it , of course, but, bound in his own love for God to try and love as God does, he will continue to love you and the children of the both of you fervently every moment of every day. He will, as a superior being, in fact, love you now more than you can love him in return. While that formal relationship between the two of you called a marriage is ended, the actual relationship of love without which the marriage is a sham, is continuing more strongly than ever before and, as a saint, he is supplying the greater part of it.

Truth is what is. You can't escape from what is and hope to be healthy in, at least, mind, if not also in body. So it needs to be acknowledged by you (which you are doing anyway) that, without his physical presence by your side, you are lonely. But, harder to feel even though just as true, is that he is, in imitation of Jesus as well as on his own initiative as a holy creature with free will, choosing to be spiritually with you --- and so you are not alone.

Perhaps when you remarry, he will make his spiritual presence recede from your new circumstances as the wife in a new marriage. Marriage (or remarriage), being a sacrament, is an announcement that the wife has entered a new spiritual union of two souls to which her sainted deceased husband cannot belong. Having followed the command to show special concern for the widow and orphan, which I suppose he has done by prayers of intercession, he is now free to let her go. And perhaps, like Rick watching Ilsa taking up a new life, he can say to his former guardian angel standing beside him: "Louis,

I liked what you said very much, except for the last paragraph. That part makes me sad, though I understand it. Thanks for your post.
Jul 25th 2013 new
I expect I will be totally consumed by the "face" of God and never direct my gaze elsewhere. Beyond that, all rests in God's plans.
Jul 25th 2013 new
(quote) Grace-979170 said: This is what I was taught in Theology class...

In order to answer it you need to understand what marriage/dating is and what Heaven is.
The purpose of dating is to find someone that you will eventually marry and spend the rest of your life with and purposes of marriage are conjugal love and procreation.

What is Heaven? Being in Heaven is being in complete communion with God. It is complete joy and peace and love. It is Complete because God is complete. Because it is complete, more people would not be necessary to add to it in order to make it more complete.

Because Heaven will be complete and no more souls would be necessary, there is no purpose for procreation in heaven. So, there will not be specific marriage between people. Because there isn't any need of marriage, dating is also unnecessary.
Everyone will be in communion with God and equally love one another. Heaven is being immersed in love. God is love, so you in heaven, you are fulfilled.

That one reason why religious do not get married; it is a glimpse of heaven. :)
Well said Grace! I was thought essentially the same thing many, many years ago.
Jul 25th 2013 new
LOL! Too funny. Roystan, you are my laugh for the day!
Jul 25th 2013 new
Kenny: I like to think that Heaven is like the book :" The Five People You Most Likely To Meet In Heaven". In that book a man who died while trying to save a young girl on a carnival ride, met 5 people who had come into his life and his late wife was one of them. I think Heaven will be like a huge garden party and present will be our deceased family members, friends, and spouses. Only thing they will not be in body only their soul or spirit will be present. Let's think about the present and living our life to the fullest.
Jul 25th 2013 new
I was just talking with a woman whose mother recently died. She said the other morning she was missing her mom while making her morning coffee. So she and God had a conversation and she said that she would like to talk just with her mom for 10,000 years when they are in heaven. And then she will talk with someone else, and someone else.... This woman is incredibly faith filled. I feel so very privileged to have her in my life.
Jul 25th 2013 new
(quote) John-971967 said: I expect I will be totally consumed by the "face" of God and never direct my gaze elsewhere. Beyond that, all rests in God's plans.
Then what's the point of the whole "we will see our loved ones again in Heaven" thing if in fact we will not, and all we will see is God?
Jul 25th 2013 new
(quote) Kerry-970208 said: Then what's the point of the whole "we will see our loved ones again in Heaven" thing if in fact we will not, and all we will see is God?
I didn't mean that to sound as though I was belittling the beatific vision.
Jul 25th 2013 new


you are being human.....and all the so called experts have no more of a clue of Heaven as do you,,,,,,,, or me....

I too believe I will be with my late spouse,,,and if I find another Sweetheart,,,,,,I'll be with her too,,,,,,,We shouldn't limit the POWER of God....and His great yey mysterious ways,,,,,

Please do not let the ANALYTICAL opinions of others interferee with your,,,mine,,and others emotional feelings and needs....

When Jesus talked to Nicodemus,,,, He,,Jesus,,,wasn't talking analytically..but emotionally...

Here ,,you will get Vanilla only responses,,God created many flavors....God will bless you Kerry...
Jul 25th 2013 new
(quote) Kerry-970208 said: Then what's the point of the whole "we will see our loved ones again in Heaven" thing if in fact we will not, and all we will see is God?
Kerry, Well, first off, I don't recall the quote you cite as mine. But I will go with it.

So, if heaven is complete and so much more beautiful than our wildest imagination, and because those that are Christ-worthy will be resurrected in body and soul, God will be reflected through every being "completely" as well. So both aspects are possible.

But how much do we really know? At best, we infer from the hints given us over time.

We shall see and experience nothing but good.

This stuff is good to contemplate on for those with a lot of time on their hands. I don't expect me to come up with anything new here and lack a "flowery" response for the moment.

I am content with following God's lead and will live with the consequences:)
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