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Discussion related to living as a Catholic in the single state of life. As long as a topic is being discussed from the perspective of a single Catholic then it will be on-topic.

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Jul 29th 2013 new
Gentlemen, Really? Please !
John and Kenny,

First of all, we must be respectful of one another's feelings. We do not know enough about one another to risk truly being hurtful to the other.
Secondly, the word I believe John meant to type was ADOPT Not ADAPT.
and the entire thread just got unravelled from your mutual friends in the thread.

As I see it, all John was to consider other ways to truly help the children of God.
And I know that there are books written by any number of lay people as well as religious about pets and heaven etc.... The fact is that we don't know much about heaven except that we will be home and our longings soothed in the presence of God.

so now back to the subject : Will we still be single in heaven?
I don't know and I won't care. If I actually make it to heaven,
I will be so joyfully calm with peace in the presence of God !

Jul 29th 2013 new
Its my belief that we will be happy in heaven. Every tear will be wiped away. Who are we to understand how this will happen. Our minds can not wrap around the idea of a place like that. We cling to the things of this world so much because this is all we know. The unknown can be a scary place but thats where faith comes in. I honestly believe that you will be happy in heaven. If that means you will see God's creations again, then that is the way it will be for you. I'm pretty sure no one has been to heaven and can give us accurate details about it. Even if they have, it would be different for each of us. So please keep believing that you will find comfort in heaven, whatever that comfort may be.

Our minds can not grasp the amazing things that await us. There is no need to disagree about what none of us can prove or not prove. Faith is all you need and you seem to have that. Don't let anyone change that for you.
Matthew 18:3 "And said: Amen I say to you, unless you be converted, and become as little children, you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven" The child in me definitely says I'll see my pets again. :). Have undying faith in God, you won't be disappointed.
Jul 29th 2013 new
(quote) Kerry-970208 said: To me, this is one of the saddest subjects ever. When I lost my dear husband, nothing cut me to the quick more than to have people go one about how the marriage had ended in his death, that that was it and I would never see him again most likely but wouldn't care because I will be so busy praising God that it won't matter.

This is one of those things that, while it may be so, doesn't really help me to hear right now. I want to see my husband along with my other deceased loved ones when I go to Heaven if I am blessed to do so. I know, I know, I understand the whole "but we won't care " part.........but right now, I DO care, and if I thought I would never ever see my loved ones again, it wouldn't seem very heavenly--and that would include the person I was closest to.
Kerry, Please read what you write again with what I say in mind. Now I am not saying your situation or anyone's I address particularly but only from the narrow view presented to me. I can't and won't, completely. But generally speaking, you, I and all the rest of us do have to guard carefully not to get carried in our love of neighbor (or spouse) to such an extent that we loose sight of the real beauty of God, or of that which God said. It seems to me that a lot of people do this. I've done it too, but fortunately know better, so I correct more easily. After all, the reason our neighbor, our spouse and all creation is as beautiful as it is, is precisely because it is God's doing. So, therefore we must trust in what God has revealed. Have confidence in it.

Let's not cling to notions that will distract us from God. Sensitivity to neighbor, or to spouse, without it being rooted in the way of God is utter foolishness that will lead us through the valley of death.

Again, I caution you, I am not speaking particularly, but what you allude to brings these thoughts to mind only because you seem to have an attachment to your passed spouse that you won't let go at the possible expense of questioning that which God said. Tread cautiously.

I would love nothing more than you enjoy that beatific vision. Read more about it!
Jul 29th 2013 new
Christine, yes "adopt" not "adapt". Thanks for catching that! I even read before I hit send and did not catch it.

And in regards to my comments to Kenny, I really never believed he was 100% serious because he kids a lot, so I saw some of what he said as a bit of 'tongue in cheek'. I am not trying to be insensitive to him, and yes it's easier sometimes for me to see a different perspective (I'm different), so I was just making a suggestion.

As far as dogs and cats in heaven, books written about it or not, some of which I've read and consider theological nonsense; I don't see it lining up with scripture. Folks we need to take truth at face value. I make no apology for truth nor should anyone else. And no, PETS are not PEOPLE!!! Sorry, Kenny, but if you were serious, this is your reality check.
Jul 29th 2013 new
Ok, I am going to be absent from the forums for likely a week... I don't mean to bail here... but my oldest daughter's wedding is coming up on the 3rd and although I have practically nothing to do with it, I want to focus on that as an observer and on my work. So I will sign out of here with an "on vacation" status and ask for your prayers for three things: 1. That God bless my daughter's marriage, 2. that God grant my company the 4-yr SOR electrical contract that the team I worked with prepared for Intel (Intel is expected to make the low bidder announcement this week); last minute negotiations are in a flurry, and 3. That we all meet here virtually in a week, while in reality, health and prosperity to all that live the words "Thy Will Be Done".
Jul 29th 2013 new
(quote) Christina-987465 said: I recently went to a mass with Cardinal Dolan, and during his homily he spoke about just that. In heaven God is our one love, and so it must be that marriage ends with death. We cannot love another more than we love God.

What a beautiful and wise thing you just wrote. Thank you. Reminds me of a quote (I believe from the journal her confessor made her keep - hence the reference to "Father") from a saint I recently discovered:

"He asked me if I loved Him. I wept, for you know, Father, whom I have loved more than Jesus. I have loved myself, and often times creatures and pleasures. What could I answer to Jesus? I wept for a long time, and that was my reply. It is Jesus alone whom I should love, and I have never loved Him as I should." (St. Gemma Galgani, 1878-1903)

The greatest spiritual struggle we'll ever wage, is of overcoming ourselves for love of Christ, to empty ourselves so that he can fill us. Mother Teresa said God gives himself totally to us yet we give him only a small portion of ourselves. This is something to work on. In heaven, God will be our all. We will be joined in loving union. No need for singles sites in heaven. Our souls are the brides, and God is their bridegroom. What a loving union it will be. Spousal love, at its best, is but a very dim reflection of the love and union of the soul with God.

Jul 29th 2013 new
In our Catholic Faith, we have been told that what we do not have, (and wanted to have), in this life
we will have it in heaven, for instance, I always wanted to married and have a happy family with
several kids, but my marriage lasted 13 months (my husband past away), my daughter was born
one month after her father was gone from this world. But I hope we will be together in heaven AND
forever and ever.

Jul 29th 2013 new

I think you are right.

Jul 29th 2013 new
I agree with you.

Jul 29th 2013 new
I'm afraid Kenny isn't allowed on forums anymore so he will not be able to respond or defend his position. I'm not sure if this is permanent or temporary. I hope he is allowed back soon as he was a great inspiration to several of us. He does joke around a lot but he has feelings just like the rest of us. I understand where he's coming from. I have read several books on heaven, not just the bible but other holy works. I stand firm in my belief that God will wipe every tear away. We will be happy. No one can say how this will come about so no one can say for sure if we will know our loved ones or not or even if we will have the opportunity to see our pets or not. They were God's creations and I do not know God to dispose of anything. But again, that is not for us to judge or to know. We will be beyond happy and we cannot comprehend how that is possible. It is best, therefore, to just let each of us hold to the truth in that we will find ultimate happiness, whatever that means to us individually.
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