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Jul 27th 2013 new
(quote) Kristin-926543 said: I would prefer that he still had most of his natural teeth, hair is optional (but I can not abide the side part pull over) Be bald and proud of it! I would appreciate basic hygiene and the regular trimming of toenails and daily changing of his underwear. It would be a bonus if he was a devout Catholic or at least a wanna-be like me! Kindness and compassion are mandatory. The last quality (and certainly not the least) would be that he is a great spider killer.

What she said! wink wink
Jul 27th 2013 new
(quote) Rob-986408 said: May she correct me subtly, so I don't even know it has occurred.
Yes, that's a fine characteristic of any spouse.
Jul 27th 2013 new
He would be a secure base for me, which would help me unwind. I have the sort of personality that just blossoms when feeling secure and supported.
Jul 29th 2013 new
Alright Lady Margo, at your goes:

He's more inclined to laughter but has a deep deep faith. He understands that despite my ability to quote out of various and ridiculous movies, I can quote him scripture too. He shares the need to reflect and know the things of God.

He is handsome! ( least to me.

He's a knight ( in modest armor.
He defends my dignity and honor (
He is trained in the ancient art of Defensionem Ananas Comosus (

We still see each other like this ( when we are both like this: (

He never lets me fall! (
We share the same parenting style:
He shares his passions with me! (

He can finish this sentence: "That day she was amazed to discover that when he....."

After we've done six impossible things we round it off with breakfast at our favorite place! (

Jul 29th 2013 new
She'll get that..
...I need a place to make sawdust and a place to solder.
...I think I'm a heck of a dancer when no one's looking, but doing so in public gives me the heebie jeebies.
...I always play the DVD with the mediocre transfer of the original, 1977 Star Wars print, never the one with the "restorations" and additions.
...that I go to work. I don't work out. Family walks, bike rides, canoeing, or sailing may all be viable activities. So is lawn mowing. But, the gym ain't for me.
She'll be patient with...awe heck, with everything.
She'll like my cooking (it ain't half bad) and back me up when cleaning up the inevitable mess that comes with it.
She'll endure my practicing the same half dozen chords on my ukulele over and over. Maybe she'll even teach me to play better.
Brat pack marathon, just sayin'.
Just lookin' at her will make me smile.
She'll let me hold her hand. wink

But really, that's all about me. I don't know what she's like. Artist, musician, banker, biologist, mom, mom to be? Great cook, awesome gardener? Maybe just great with a takeout menu? I hope she has a deep faith and that penchant for prayer that God seems to gift more to women than men. In my heart, I have a motto, God, Family, Country (in that order). i hope she's ok with that.
Jul 30th 2013 new
he must wear striped socks while he rides his bicycle....
Jul 30th 2013 new
(quote) Jane-933948 said: he must wear striped socks while he rides his bicycle....
Bicycle with or without banana seat?
Jul 30th 2013 new
Hi Margo! I read this in a magazine about 30 years ago and found it extremely funny!! (A woman had been asked what she wanted in a man and this was her reply.) So, whenever anyone asks me the qualities I desire in a husband, I say..."a basically hairless man with no body odor"!!! Chelle
Jul 30th 2013 new
Patience...I don't have much so I need someone with lots of it to counter
Jul 30th 2013 new
Hey, everyone, you're doing just great cool cool with dreaming aloud about your future husband/wife. Keep it up. Invite others to participate here on this thread. The more we talk/pray Praying /write in positive manner, the more positive hug "flow" hug will develop in this Catholic Match part of the Mystical Body of Christ. wave
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