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Jul 26th 2013 new
Dear Nolan, Thank you so much for your post AND your first post! Welcome to the forums, and post often!

I enjoyed reading your thread. It makes so much sense, in fact , a person cannot be "known" by just a profile. There has to be communication and much thought when meeting or writing to a person. Sometimes, a person just needs to extend a hand...and meet... cloud nine!!

. You get a Gold Star! You get a Gold Star! You get a Gold Star! Kudos!

Jul 26th 2013 new
John, What you're saying in theory is exactly right. However, some people are not mature enough to accept and deal with negative responses.
Jul 26th 2013 new
Helen, There is such a thing as "gut feeling" and "intuition"
Jul 26th 2013 new
Peter, Are you troubled by negative responses?
Jul 26th 2013 new
Suzanne, So far, I've had two stalkers on this site and, I didn't have to eradicate them, management took care of them asap.
Jul 26th 2013 new
Nolan, You are so wise. More power to you. Any young woman who passes you by is a fool.
Jul 26th 2013 new
(quote) Maryjane-408997 said: Peter, Are you troubled by negative responses?
Not so much troubled by them MaryJane as understand them. I'm OK with personal preference. I've learned to deal with it. Women often want a guy with at least their level of education and income. As we get older, we become increasingly entrenched in our communities- activities, families, friends. I'm so involved in my parish and community now that I don't have much time to date anyway.
Jul 26th 2013 new
If you told him you were not interested and he persists do not respond to any further messages. That is what I would do. To me something doesn't seem right if he can't take no for an answer. My spider senses per say would be tingling. Hehe
Jul 27th 2013 new
Peter, Good rationalization on your part. By the way, my name is "Maryjane" Have a good day!
Jul 27th 2013 new
Hi Maryjane!

You are so correct about a woman's intuition. It is exciting to get an email, and also getting a second email from the same person, although you feel it in your gut there is something that is not just right. and have expressed this in your previous letter. At this point, one is hoping a change, (a good change) may have occurred. Ah, maybe a desperate hope!

Anyway, I think this may be a reason why, because of human nature, or maybe maternal nurture, it is hard to let some actors go, because they have expressed and created a description of a wonderful life they may lead now, and/or the possibility of you in his world also. But still, you know, something is still not quite right.

My questions are:
WHY do we hold on to said person and worry about our "relationship" for longer than necessary?
WHAT is making us stay there?
WHEN a breakup happens,
WHY do we think, "if I had just________...please fill in the blank.
Anybody? Just thinking out loud...
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