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Jul 28th 2013 new
(quote) Kristen-878108 said:

I just read the article at the above link and thought this might be a good question to pose in the forum. The article talks about how the imagination will "fill in the blanks" in regard to online matches, which means that it is extremely important to meet someone in person as soon as possible so as not to continue to live in the imagination.

My question is, has anyone thought that they met the man/woman of their dreams online only to meet in person and find that there was no connection? If so, what were you imagining to be true about the other person that wasn't? What had you not been aware of about the person from online interactions that became clear in a face to face meeting?
The man of your dreams will be tripped next week by you as he heads back to his pew after communion.......
Jul 29th 2013 new
(quote) Tom-54311 said: Selma Hayek was only 3 feet 5 inches tall.

Darren Sharper's dimples were airbrushed, he really didn't dimples duck


I pray often, that God protect me from "posers" and really help me see them through God's eyes and vice versa. We all should be ourselves - on email, phone and face to face. Why pretend to be someone we're not? I know that sometimes we can't help but have expectations, we all have to remember that meeting someone face to face is a whole different animal It will be great if the dynamic we have with a person translates to face to face...let's take them as is I suppose, as they are - and let them be who they really not "write off " someone based on a first meeting just because who/what they are in person was not the same person "online"...

Jul 29th 2013 new
Good morning Kristen, thank you for this wide eye openner topic ' The man of my dream' if I could possibly meet him here online? I believe that there is this magic spark looming in the air called, a magic potion. When it will hit you the clock stop ticking, time get frozen in time. All you could hear is your heart beat and all that you could see is him standing there. Its as if the whole universe conspired to make this moment happen. Meeting him here online alone is not enough. You need to meet him in person time and time again I was told by friends and well mean relatives. And I agree with them. Because man is a complex being. To know him is to get to know him in person. Who knows he might turn out to be the man of your dream of dreams. Faith and prayers go hand in hand. May God bless you Kristen :) Thank you for posting this article. Carol
Jul 29th 2013 new
Kenny I think that is beautiful what you wrote. It speaks to me and I agree with you. My mother went to a Catholic university and was taught by the nuns. My mom said the nuns used to tell them that they should pray for a good spouse. I believe like you do that prayer is important. I believe we should pray about everything and leave it with God. Everything will happen when it is suppose to happen in God's timing not ours. We just have to have faith, hope and be patient. We need to be persistent in prayer and not give up.
Jul 29th 2013 new
Bob, Sounds as if you have had many, many years of experience. Care to elaborate?
Jul 29th 2013 new
Ed, You have made some good, enlightening points.
Jul 29th 2013 new
(quote) Maryjane-408997 said: Bob, Sounds as if you have had many, many years of experience. Care to elaborate?
Just being on CM has reinforced those observations over the years.

Plus my most-serious GF ever stressed the importance of Honesty as necessary for a relationship.
Jul 29th 2013 new
David, God gave each of you a taste of heaven, how sweet. I am sorry to hear of your loss. How did you learn of her passing? May God be with you.
Jul 29th 2013 new
Albert, I am still mulling over your response. Why no profile photo? What side are you projecting?
Jul 29th 2013 new
Tom Was Selma a midget, dwarf?
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