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Devoted to discussion pertaining to those issues which are specifically relevant to people under 45. Topics must have a specific perspective of people in this age group for it to be on topic.

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Aug 3rd 2013 new
These ideas are very helpful. Thank you.
If this became a more regular event, is there specific activities that you enjoy doing? (e.g. skating, bowling, dancing, board games)
Aug 3rd 2013 new
Hi Angela,

First of all, I commend you for thinking about starting something like this! I was evangelized by a men's group at my university and thought fellowship for young adults is what's really needed at our parishes. Anything involving prayer and testimony (to use a word borrowed from our Protestant brothers and sisters) might be a good start. A "faith night" that begins with Adoration or the Rosary followed by break out groups (may be broken down into men's and women's groups depending on size) is a good way to keep things interesting. In the small groups each week you could focus on something in the news and how it relates to our faith, or something in the Gospel from that week. Asking everyone their 'Rose and Thorn' (something they're thankful for and something that needs the group's prayers) for the week is great as well. There are a ton of great resources like

I've been thinking about starting young adult groups at parishes near me. I would LOVE to hear if you decide to move forward with it and discuss ideas in the future. God bless!
Aug 7th 2013 new
(quote) Angela-965276 said: These ideas are very helpful. Thank you.
If this became a more regular event, is there specific activities that you enjoy doing? (e.g. skating, bowling, dancing, board games)
I think that a good idea would be having an informal get together at a local coffee shop (perhaps to discuss a novel, or simply to grab a drink); this is a low-pressure scenario, and people can come and go whenever they want without feeling awkward. If people respond positively to this "meet and greet," you can move to volunteering as others have suggested or maybe adoration. :) Hope this helps!!!
Sep 3rd 2013 new
We just got a new pastor at my home parish and I've been thinking about approaching him to start a young adult group here as well... has yours gotten off teh ground yet, if so what helped you the most in getting started?
Sep 4th 2013 new
Hi Jessica
I haven't gotten the group started yet. I've been waiting for a job to be finalized. Hopefully, now that I have done that, I can approach our youth coordinator and put the idea past her. (since I believe she is the one to ask.) Once I have a go ahead my next step will be to invite the young adults to an "ideas|" night to see what the locals would like.
I'll post what happens when it all goes through. biggrin
Sep 7th 2013 new
Hey Angela,

Today is my first day off from school in the past two weeks, but I wanted to reply! I help co-lead a group at my church that is for people in their 20-30's, married or single or engaged! We have a meeting every week set at 7 - the first hour is our potluck dinners. Everyone brings something, and we have community time together, to share stories, talk about our weeks, etc. The second hour we read from a book series, doing a chapter a night, and discussing how it applies to our lives. We read from the Companions on the Journey series - our book currently is Mother Teresa. We did St. Francis of Assisi prior to that. The chapters are about 4-6 pages long depending on the meditation, and we read aloud together (so if not everyone can get a book, we can share) and then reflect and discuss. We have had some AMAZING conversations over these topics!

We also have group socials from time to time - let's go to a restaurant, or bowling, or a movie night. Together, I have made some really amazing friends. The hardest part has been advertising - unless you get to speak out at each Mass, most of the time people don't read the bulletin. Hope this helps, and feel free to message me with any questions!
Sep 7th 2013 new
Thank you so much Jennifer. Your input is greatly appreciated. If I have any questions I'll ask. :)
Sep 19th 2013 new
In my parish, I've lead groups to see a baseball game or to the local movie house. Those have little attendance. I only have one rule for everyone to follow for the sake of fairness, everyone pays for their own stuff.
Oct 2nd 2013 new
I suggest the book "The One Thing is Three" by Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC for a young adult group book discussion. The way he writes in the book is very clear and easy to understand for any young adult to read.
Oct 14th 2013 new
The key to an active young adult ministry is to have Spiritual, Social and Service activities.

The social component can be something as simple as dinners out (our group did a monthly International Dinner Out that was very popular, trying a new ethnic food restaurant ever month). Game nights. Movie matinee + dinner out are other popular options.

The spiritual component can be bible study, catechism study, topic discussion, a dvd series (Theology of the Body is a good one with young adults as well as saints movies).

If there is an adoration chapel in your area that plus a dinner out is always a fun thing to do.

Another thing to think about is speaking to your parish priest. It's important to ground it in your parish because the staff there at your church can be a great support for your group in advertising in the bulletin as well as providing meeting space on campus (it's good to make a first meeting or two after a mass on campus). Try to let your priest know that the group is more about serving the parish community than about "taking" anything from the parish.

To promote it: Bulletin ad, diocesan newspaper, postings at the churches, announcement at mass, start a facebook group (or meetup group) for updates.
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