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Jul 31st 2013 new
Carrie, You are so wise. Blessings to you.
Jul 31st 2013 new
Roystan? The content is very deep and intense. Is the post taken from your thesis? Or are you a professor of sorts?
Jul 31st 2013 new
Kristen, You hit it right on the head. Blessings to you.
Jul 31st 2013 new
Kristin, Sorry, I previously spelt your name wrong. I did see the EWTN show where Mother Angelica made that remark. As usual, she is right.
Jul 31st 2013 new
We had a married priest at my parish. Like it was said by original poster Anglican priest converted to Catholicism. His wife is a cradle Catholic. Wonderful man. Everytime he spoke of his children it cracked me up. Hes now 25 miles away. He is a college professor as a side job, after all he had a family to provide for. He said the congregation of one of his earlier assignments had asked the bishop to remove him- he did. He spwnt 3 years at my church. His going away homily was the abosolute BEST talk I ever heard. In or out of church.
Jul 31st 2013 new
Too the best of my knowledge, women can't become priests because at the time of Apostles, there were no female apostles. As to priests being married, somebody will have to research this, I believe a pope around 1000 made the change for priests not be married. this did not from the time of the apostles, correct me if I am wrong.
Jul 31st 2013 new
That's because they were already married when they came into the church for formation as Catholic priests and the churches stance is NOT to break up the family. Also, the church allows in all rites a priest from another denomination to remain and maintain their marriage.

This is quite different than allowing an ordained priest to be married. Canon law does not allow this.

This does NOT mean that the church accepts ordained Catholic priests as being married without a dispensation, which is rarely given.

The Eastern rite church is allowed by the Holy See because traditionally they were married, again, the Church in it's wisdom allowed this to remain, but still requires a dispensation from the church, which is not ordinary.

Second, married priests in this rite are not serving priests in the traditional capacities, simply because they are married and are not as close to Christ as a non-married, solely dedicated priest.

Jul 31st 2013 new
Further, the posts are misleading. You are making it sound as though its common place, ordinary, normally understood.

Its not, period.

As Christ makes it clear, none of us will be married in heaven (Mt 22:23-30). By priests remaining unmarried, they will be more closely aligned and configured with Christ, hence be able to serve solely in their vocation.

Canon 1087 states: "Persons who are married are in holy orders invalidly attempt marriage."

This is exactly the impediment that blocks the validity of marriages attemtped BY THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN ORDAINED.

Jul 31st 2013 new
As long as the priests have not been dispensed of the Canon law, it remains even in civil and sacramental marriage.

The word of God did not say priests could marry. Quite the contrary.

Paul makes it very clear, that remaining single allows ones attention to be undivided in serving the Lord (1Cor7:32-35).

Further, celibacy is recommended to all especially ministers 1Cor7:7 who are soldiers of Christ and urges to ABSTAIN from civilian affairs 2Tim2:3-4.

***Further, priests cannot be validly married after ordination unless he (notice HE) receives a dispensation from the Holy See (CIC 1078 Para 2,1)***

Jul 31st 2013 new
The word priest was never defined. It seems one wants to ellude to pointing out that all priests are the same.

Quite the contrary.

Bishops, priests, deacons, monks, exactly who are we talking about? At what point in time? History? Converts? Non converts?

While religious priests take vows of celibacy, diocesan priests make promises of celibacy. Not the same.

Although celibacy is a discipline, it does not change the church teaching or doctrine or canon law on marriage of priests.

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