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Living out your beliefs

Jul 31st 2013 new
Jesus taught the Apostles to pray with, "Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven..."

Do you seek a spouse that will lead you to or away from heaven? Move over to elected leaders? Do you factor into your choice a person's? Is this person leading us to heaven or hell? Remember Truth never contradicts itself.
Oct 11th 2013 new
Clair, that's a mouthful you got their. Let's see...
For myself, and I'm going to assume most others on this site, I would be looking for a spouse to lead me to heaven. MORE importantly, I am trying to find a woman who I can help lead to Heaven as well. I believe that's what marriage is all about. I don't want to even know what the consequences are for failing at this.
I'm not sure on what your asking about elected leaders (can't understand your post that well....sorry). I believe that our elected leaders should be leading us to Heaven as well. Yes they need to do their job but they are called to protect and to serve (and that mean's especially all people).
If a person is leading towards hell or away from Christ, what are you doing about it? Sometimes you need to walk away from the situation. But we need to remember that everyone is our brother and sister in Christ, a child of God. I want to get to heaven someday and show and tell our Lord, "These are the people I brought to Heaven with me. These are the people that brought me to Heaven. And this is my spouse, that with Your (Christ) help, was able to lead to Heaven."
Oct 31st 2013 new
Nate - I think I understand what Clair is saying and it is something I preached to my children albeit in different words. When you are with another person are you a better person, the same or not as good. That's one way to think of your various relationships and whether or not the relationships are healthy and likely to lead you to heaven or more like an occasion of sin.

OK Clair?
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