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WooHoo! First Day of School!

Aug 8th 2013 new
Are you glad school has started or is about to start? I have a love hate relationship with school.
Basically I love the routine. Not that its structured for me all day long but that it adjusts my sleeping patterns much better.I like to know whats going on from one day to the next or at least have a general plan. Love to see kids learn too.. Oh and the football games and the band.. so much excitement. Makes me feel like a kid again!
The public school curriculum, however, disturbs me. Where has our history gone? What is the "stuff" they are trying to teach our kids? Im going to get some of the books i used when I home schooled my older ones and use it to teach the kids at home along with the other, showing them the different perspectives. They need to know the truth and all the things that have just been omitted from our history completely.
So.. everyone ready for the next 10 months or so to get up at the crack of dawn?
Aug 8th 2013 new
Since I also have a love/hate relationship with school, and summer is my favorite season, I have mixed emotions on this one. I used to love the first day of school, but with my youngest starting high school a week from Monday, I'm kind of dreading it, especially the homework and getting up real early to catch the bus parts. This summer was hectic, but she seems to be a little more mature, thank God, so I'm not as anxious to see her go back. We even has a sleepover last nite, and they were in bed by 1 AM! That's progress!! Hope it continues.
Aug 8th 2013 new
I know what you mean! My twin boys are freshmen this year. I can't believe they are that old! They absolutely loved their first day of high school. :) So glad, I was worried. Now all I have to worry about is getting up so early in the morning and actually functioning well enough to drive them to school. At least one eye must be open at all times.. thats asking a little much I think but I will do my best. lol
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