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Aug 19th 2013 new
(quote) Angela-442480 said: Kristin, I agree. I think some or most men are looking for that woman they have fixated in their head that doesn't exist. It's a shame. They are missing out on what could be potential "soulmates" simply by judging pictures or profiles. Guys, take a chance. You might just be surprised!
Kristin, you hit it square on the head! I actually saw a guy's profile that said he wanted a woman with a "barbie doll" figure and that he wanted her to "snap back down to it" after every kid. One guy I met off here said I wasn't his ideal because I wasn't blonde. Yes, men, please get to know us beyond our profile shells. You might discover something, a treasure that you never thought you could find! I have been on ad off this site for like 5 or six years (whenever my annullment was completed) I am not ugly, I have 3 great well behaved children, I am a good mom, good cook, can run a household, am a great person to hang out with and get to know. I have a lot to offer a guy if he would just give me a chance. Men, invest in us real women, you might discover a treasure you never thought existed. I don't respond much to these forums,but this one kind of struck me. A lot of people tell me that any guy would be lucky to have me....but I get passed over again and again. Sometimes I just feel like giving up, shoving up the walls and ignoring men altogether. Dealing with constant rejection is not easy.
Aug 19th 2013 new
Excellent post Colleen - I thank you for your honesty and insight - I tend to be a very forthright person and I just posted as I observed it, then the floggings began. I am sorry if I offended anyone and once again extend the olive branch in peace and love to all!
Aug 19th 2013 new
(quote) Trish-977181 said: I too, think this is not the place to meet your "soul-mate" I think they should change the name to
"Catholic Lurkers"
"Catholic Forums"
"Catholic "unavailable"
"Catholic No Response"
"Catholic Mission Impossible"

Trish, I am glad Your the one to say this!
because if I would have said it, someone would have flagged me for it!
Aug 19th 2013 new
and lets add to that list Catholic Commitment phobe
Aug 19th 2013 new
Don't give up and keep on keeping on, don't settle for less and always keep God in the center. He has a plan, just trust in Him!
Aug 19th 2013 new
High five to you sisters. All so true. Glad I am not alone in this feeling.
Aug 19th 2013 new
(quote) Adam-399324 said: merely that I very much doubt that women are more dissatisfied with CM than men (or vice versa for that matter)

further, that I doubt that meaningful inferences about this question can be drawn from forum participation, the men who venture into the broader forums being by no means a representative sample of all men on the site
To add to this...women may have a higher rate of dissatisfaction due to gender roles and the feeling that we can't really ask a guy out. Sure, I've smiled, said hello, commented guys on their profiles, but that's about the limit many women are going to do. A lot of us (note: a lot, but maybe not all women) are not going to "ask a guy out." I've done the "you maybe wanna grab a coffee thing" with guys I've met in person in my community/at church in the past, and it usually doesn't lead to anything more than one outing. Long story short, it's the men who typically take the lead, have the ability and the role to ask women out. Yes, a man may get rejected, but hello, you all (men) can ask women out. So, yeah, maybe you are meeting more people on here and actually going out on dates. So, yeah, you're going to be more satisfied with the experience even if you don't end up marrying a woman you met here.

I'm not trying to generalize or offend anyone here. Apologies if it comes across that way, but I think there's a bit of truth in my comment.
Aug 19th 2013 new
(quote) Barbara-740721 said: Trish, I am glad Your the one to say this!
because if I would have said it, someone would have flagged me for it!
I hope everyone knows I said this in jest. I love "Catholic Match" heart heart
Aug 19th 2013 new
(quote) Trish-977181 said: I hope everyone knows I said this in jest. I love "Catholic Match"
2 from this thread have left already.........sad imho
Aug 19th 2013 new
(quote) Brian-278516 said: I do find it interesting when people blame everything and everyone else besides themselves. I was always under the impression that Catholicism was first and foremost an interior conversion and that the goal was to impact the world around you not vice versa. Dating is hard for sure and the last 20-30 years it has become increasingly more difficult. While I can't speak for other sites, I can speak for ours. I believe CatholicMatch better than anyone provides a fully Catholic experience in the way we construct our profiles, set the rules for reasonable behavior, provide quality Catholic content, focus on purposeful dating for marriage, facilitate a community where singles can deepen their faith and find support. I also believe we do our best to provide or our employees and their families and by having a workplace that celebrates Christian principles. Will we be able to please everyone or help everyone? No but at the end of the day I know what we stand for and what we try to do as a private business that strives to be faithful to it's apostolic work and mission.

A help ticket or email to the office may be a better way of bringing this to your attention, but I would ask that CM staff look at some of the photos your members are posting. I've seen men with no shirts on, one guy sticking out his tongue at the camera, and a few other unimpressive displays of photography. Do you all check this stuff? While I appreciate you only have so many filters and neither of my examples is a legal offense, those type of photos and oddball comments are very offensive to some of your members. What's Catholic about pictures like that? Nothing in my book.

I appreciate your hard work and the success some have had here, but I just want to ask that CM be vigilant in providing a comfortable atmosphere for your members.

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