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Aug 31st 2013 new
(quote) Angela-965276 said: Do you think that a profile picture should be given extra consideration?
The most important photo for introductions is the face shot - looking directly into the camera. Nobody can hide from the direct look into the camera. Smiles are best but it doesn't matter if the photo has the person smiling or not. I feel people tend to accommodate for the fact that some people simply don't smile when a photo is taken (and this is where a well-written profile can further pique our interest in the person). What is hard on here is when there only is one photo in the profile and the person is either looking away, looking to the side or has sunglasses that cover the eyes. I feel these half-side photos run the risk of miscommunicating unintentional observations. For them, we should encourage them to upload more photos. :-)
Aug 31st 2013 new
(quote) John-996681 said: ...  I must admit I wonder when I see a self-shot cell phone pic as a profile picture.  
Agreed. What boggles my mind is the number of men who take "selfies" in the shower. Fully dressed, but you can see the tile and faucets in the background.
Aug 31st 2013 new
I struggle with this. I don't want to attract attention because of how I look; I want to intrigue someone because of what I say, do, and write. My appearance is something of an accident. Yet I want my forever sweetie to think I am the prettiest girl in the room. My compromise was to post snapshots that reflect who I am and what is important to me, but not necessarily ones that are the most flattering. Since I'm still single, perhaps I need to rethink my methodology. tongue
Sep 3rd 2013 new
(quote) Marge-938695 said:
Agreed. What boggles my mind is the number of men who take "selfies" in the shower. Fully dressed, but you can see the tile and faucets in the background.
Not all phones have forward-facing cameras, so you either have to use trial and error to guess at how the photograph is being taken, or you have to find a large enough mirror to use to reflect your image to the camera.

Now, I'm not trying to defend bathroom mirror self portraits. Far from it. I'm just trying to explain why they exist.
Sep 3rd 2013 new
(quote) Laura-695247 said: I like having a 'bad' photo!
Checking to see if guys will look past that:o)
Nothing is worse than seeing some amazing photo, then you realize it was just an amazing shot that added hair and took off 200 pounds.
That said, I'm trying to be less of a 'visual' person....which is my tendency as an ISFP...
I'm looking for an ugly guy who will love me and be loyal.
You've done it now, Laura~ with that last line you'll be bombarded with contacts! You're going to have to hire a secretary!
Blessings~ theheart
Sep 3rd 2013 new

Every one who joins dating sites would really want to look their best on their profile picture, base on my experience some who are into 40-60's would upload younger version of them, but if you meet them on cam you'll be shock /surprise that the one they uploaded is far from their profile picture. Having a picture is a plus factor, but still the inside/traits of the person is really matters the most.
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