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Aug 28th 2013 new
(quote) Chris-906154 said: About a million different athletes. The Monkees. Met Fidrych at an old-timers' game once. Stan Lee, Lou Ferrigno. Probably some others, but going off the top of my head.
Man that is awesome Chris! My oldest would love to have met Lou Ferrigno. (he was a huge "Hulk" fan) Also...that is really cool you met "The Monkees" I think Mike Nesmith was from Dallas. In fact, I think his mom is the one who invented "Liquid Paper"
Aug 28th 2013 new
I met Larry Holmes when he was current heavyweight champ. Boy did he have big hands!
Aug 28th 2013 new
Magic Johnson in Maui. I was by the hotel pool and two very tall, black men came and jumped in the pool. When I looked closer I realized it was Magic and Mark Acquire (spelling?). I phoned my room where my 14 year old son and 11 year old daughter were getting ready to come to the pool. I asked Magic if he would mind taking a picture with my kids. He couldn't have been nicer or more accommodating. He was a prince of a man. My kids still have the picture!
Aug 28th 2013 new
I met Leon Jaworski at a party once. As in Fulbright, Crooker, Freeman, Bates & Jaworski, attorneys-at-law. He many years later authored the only book I trust about the Watergate scandal. Occasionally -- very occasionally -- I ran into him in the Bank of the Southwest Building (sic) elevator, and we nodded to each other.
Aug 28th 2013 new
I met Dr. Alveda King, niece of Martin Luther King Jr, when she gave a talk at my parish about being pro-life and that her uncle would be pro-life and not support Obamacare.

Aug 29th 2013 new
A lifetime ago when I was working in Vermont, Tim Daly (Wings, Private Practice) at the time he was married to Amy Van Nostrand who was was one of the actresses at the theatre I was working at. They would have the entire company to their home every summer for a wonderful party. It was always the highlight of the summer.

That same theatre had Christopher Lloyd's brother and nephew (Sam and Sam Jr) who were also really nice and hysterically funny. Must run in the family!
Aug 29th 2013 new
When I first moved out to LA, I worked on the soap Days of Our Lives. Alison Sweeney was on set one day. I was always told that rule #1 was don't speak to the actors unless spoken to. She was the ONLY one of all the days I spent on set, to talk to me. She loved the shirt I was wearing and asked where I got it (It said "If the whole world is a stage, I want better lighting"). She really is as nice as she seems to be on TV
Aug 29th 2013 new
A few years ago, I stood in line all over town to get autographed baseballs from various Angels for my ex-husband for Christmas & his birthday. Francisco Rodrguez was a jerk. He autographed the ball as small as possible. He didn't even look at you when you asked for his autographed. He was talking Spanish the whole time to the guy that was with him.

Jos Molina was probably the best of the bunch. He took several pictures with fans, looked at everyone that came up to him, talked to the kids and seemed to really care about the fans which is what I have heard about all of the Molina brothers (Benjie & Yadier). Their momma did something right, because they all appreciate their fans.
Aug 29th 2013 new all have met some "big-time" celebs!
In 1984.....the gentleman who was the owner of the business I worked for...had a breakfast for about 20 of the employees. His guest speaker was Sam Johnson (now U.S. Congressman) who had just been elected to the "Texas House" of Representatives.
To hear his story of his imprisonment in Hanoi (was a fighter pilot in both the Korean and Viet Nam wars) and what he had to endure was truly inspirational. Not to mention he met all of us individually and was one of the kindest gentlemen I have ever met!
Though I have been dismayed at times for his going "lock step" with other never changes the fact that I have met few people I respect as much as him. What a man!
Aug 29th 2013 new
I have mentioned this one before in the NFL thread but is worth mentioning again. At one time we belonged to a Church in Plano Texas. I once got up and went to the 6:30 Mass. Back then, the "sign of peace" was in effect. When the time came there was no one to the front or side of I turned around and faced Roger Staubach! (former QB of the Cowboys) We shook hands and he smiled. When we pulled away I happened to glance at the right pinky which was bent in a near right angle! I remembered this because he had often said the deformity (from breaks) had actually helped him hold the football more securely!
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